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Monday, December 16,2013

Colorado Sheriffs refuse new gun laws

Too difficult to enforce, they say

By Josh Gross
The New York Times is reporting that numerous sheriffs across Colorado are refusing or choosing not to enforce new gun control legislation enacted by the state.   From the article...
Thursday, December 5,2013

Mandela, 95, dies; led South Africa out of apartheid

Former president of South Africa Nelson Mandela has died at age 95, leaving behind a legacy of ending the country's policy of apartheid.
Monday, November 25,2013

Saudi Arabia, other Arab nations support nuclear deal with Iran

In the wake of an historic agreement between Iran and world powers to limit Iran's nuclear program, nations in the Mideast are softening their response after initially opposing the deal.
Tuesday, November 12,2013

In Philippines, massive devastation after typhoon

One of the largest storms on record has moved on past the island nation of the Philippines, but its damage is only just being measured. And for thousands of survivors, repair and relief are paired with sorrow as friends and relatives lost lives.
Wednesday, October 23,2013

After German outrage, Obama tells Merkel she isn't tapped

Acting on a suspicion that its members had been targeted by surveillance by the U.S., the German government pressed President Barack Obama to know whether U.S. intelligence agencies had listened in on German conversations.
Wednesday, October 16,2013

Shutdown deal at hand: Senate ready; House unsure

National media outlets are reporting that leaders of both parties in the U.S. Senate have reached a deal to end the federal government shutdown, raise the debt limit and restore funding to government programs.
Tuesday, October 8,2013

No progress on shutdown; Obama says GOP must end "threats"

Another day has passed without progress on the government shutdown, and an end is nowhere in sight. Democrats and Republicans in the federal government say they aren't budging until the other side gives in.
Friday, September 27,2013

Obama, Rouhani speak over the phone

Iran, US reach greatest diplomacy in over 30 years

The leaders of the United States and Iran communicated directly for the first time since 1979 as President Barack Obama called Iranian President Hassan Rouhani.
Friday, September 27,2013

Senate votes on budget bill, passes it back to House

The Democratic-controlled U.S. Senate passed a new version of a government spending bill that averts a government shutdown but preserves funding for the Affordable Care Act, passing the issue back to the Republican-controlled House.
Monday, September 23,2013

NRA's LaPierre on Navy Yard: More guns, lock up 'lunatics'

Another gun massacre, another Wayne LaPierre press tour.