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Monday, September 23,2013

Poll: Don't shut down government — in fact, keep Obamacare

A House bill to remove funding for the Affordable Care Act — you know, Obamacare — is not expected to pass the Senate.
Thursday, September 5,2013

NSA secretly cracked Internet encryptions

ProPublica, The New York Times and The Guardian have published a story on secret documents that demonstrate the NSA has hacked into computers and broken common encryptions to read multiples types of information online.
Thursday, September 5,2013

At G-20, Syria presents stumbling block

In Moscow, President Barack Obama and other world leaders are meeting for the regular Group of 20 conference. But potential military conflict in Syria is hanging over the ostensibly economics-centered meeting.
Monday, August 12,2013

Justice Department will drop mandatory non-violent drug sentences

Today, Attorney General Eric Holder will announce a change in policy for the Justice Department that will see federal prosecutors no longer pursuing mandatory minimum jail time for non-violent offenders with no apparent gang ties.
Tuesday, July 16,2013

In filibuster reform, Senate may avoid 'nuclear option'

Senate Republicans will not block President Barack Obama's nominees to the National Labor Relations Board, averting a showdown in the Senate that would have had larger implications for the filibuster process.
Tuesday, July 9,2013

Immigration reform must include path to citizenship, Senate Dems say

A group of Senate Democrats have sent a message to Democratic members of the House: Do not back down on the "path to citizenship" in any immigration reform.
Tuesday, July 9,2013

Lawsuit challenges Pennsylvania's gay marriage ban

The American Civil Liberties Union is joining 23 individual plaintiffs in suing the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, looking to overturn the state's ban on gay marriage.
Wednesday, June 26,2013

In Texas Senate, heroine Wendy Davis and Democrats win in the end

The Texas legislature was the star of social media last night, as the Democratic minority mounted a filibuster against a tough anti-abortion law that would have caused more than half of Texas' abortion clinics to close. And after more twists and turns than a Bond film, the bill died last night as the special session ended.
Tuesday, June 25,2013

Analysis: Supreme Court's ruling against Voting Rights Act flawed, weak

The Supreme Court's ruling that some parts of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 are unconstitutional are poorly thought through, Eric Posner writes in a commentary for Slate.
Tuesday, June 18,2013

NSA director defends surveillance, saying it has stopped terror plots

The recently revealed domestic spying program run by the National Security Agency was necessary to stop "over 50" terrorism plots, the director of the NSA said today.