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Thursday, October 9,2014

Tidbites | Week of October 9, 2014

The chain has 15 locations across the U.S., mostly in metro foodie centers, and focuses on making meals that are both healthy and delicious. Nothing on the menu clocks in at more than 600 calories and there are plenty of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free items.
Thursday, October 2,2014

Tidbites | Week of Oct, 2. 2014

Professional archaeologist Dr. Rebecca Schwendler was introduced to the beverage 10 years ago and has been mastering its preparation and discovering new variations ever since.
Thursday, September 25,2014

Tidbites | Week of Sept. 25, 2014

“Guests will start the evening being guided into the dark by the blind wait staff with wine and dark chocolate followed by a delicious vegetarian sensory tasting,” says a press release. “The ultimate goal of The Blind Cafe is for guests to walk away from the event having changed the way they view themselves.
Thursday, September 18,2014

Tidbites | Week of Sept. 18, 2014

Founded in San Francisco, Instacart has since expanded to 15 cities and relies on crowdsourcing for its labor, allowing independent “personal shoppers” to shop for and deliver groceries with their own personal transportation.
Thursday, September 11,2014

Tidbites | Week of Sept 11, 2014

Cured searched Colorado far and wide to create a sandwich they call the “PLT,” made of 100 percent homegrown ingredients — Tender Belly Ham in a house made Porchetta, Cure Farm Egg Aioli, Avalanche Cheese Company’s Cabra Blanca Cheese, BonaVida Growers’ Tomatoes, and Oxford Gardens Summer Lettuce mix.
Thursday, September 4,2014

Tidbites | Week of Sept. 4, 2014

The epidemic has shut down markets, limited trade and made game-animals suspect. Farmers are in many cases prohibited from farming due to government bans on public gatherings as part of control measures, and getting in aid has also become more difficult.
Thursday, August 28,2014

Tidbites | Week of August 28, 2014

By Josh Gross
According to a press release (and the giant signs in its windows), Lyfe Kitchen is “a restaurant whose focus is on dishes that are 600 calories or less and which uses local, natural and organic products.” Low-calorie and organic? In Boulder? Inconceivable!.
Thursday, August 21,2014

Tidbites | Week of August 21, 2014

By Caitlin Rockett
Kegs will be tapped at noon with 12-ounce pours selling for $5.25 and growlers going for $14. And as if this wasn’t enough fun, there’s a food pairing contest — attendees may bring a homemade dish to pair with the Jalapeno Cream Ale. Bartenders must receive dishes by 5 p.
Thursday, August 14,2014


By Josh Gross
The historic Boulder hotel has spent the better part of the last year redoing this and that, working to bring out the period craftsmanship and vibe, and this week saw the opening of Spruce, an inhotel restaurant that replaced Q’s, the space’s former occupant.
Thursday, August 7,2014

Tidbites | Week of August 7, 2014

By Maalikah Hartley
The car-free event will have people biking or walking to take in Boulder’s beauty while sampling coffees, teas, chocolate, and yes, alcohol-based coffees with participating shops. This year’s lineup includes The Unseen Bean, The Cup, Ozo Coffee, and Piece, Love and Chocolate among many others.