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Monday, March 10,2014

Drone used in Australian drug-smuggling attempt

One man in custody

By Josh Gross
A man has been arrested after an attempt to smuggle drugs into an Australian prison using a drone aircraft.
Tuesday, March 4,2014

Radio Shack to close 20 percent of its stores

Announcement hits stock prices

By Josh Gross
Radio Shack, will be closing around 1,100 of its stores, a number representing nearly 20 percent of its locations.
Monday, February 24,2014

Infamous DC-10 takes its final flight

Commercial use ends for the storied aircraft

By Josh Gross
The final commercial flight using the infamous DC-10 airplane is now in the history books.
Tuesday, February 18,2014

Indian probe to Mars cost less than film, Gravity

India pioneers how to explore space on a budget

By Josh Gross
A recently launched Indian probe to Mars was accomplished with costs of only $75 million.
Monday, February 17,2014

South Carolina woman arrested for overdue VHS tape

Went to police to report assault, discovered warrant for her arrest

By Josh Gross
After 9 years on the lam, the city's most nefarious villain is finally in custody. The charge? An overdue VHS rental of Monster in Law.
Wednesday, February 12,2014

Military readies Iron Man suit for summer testing

High tech body armor and exoskeleton on the way

By Josh Gross
Though the public consciousness likely thinks of futuristic cyborg battle armor as the sort of thing still relegated to sci-fi films, it's closer to reality than the average person might realize.
Monday, February 10,2014

UK seeks to further restrict access to 'terrorist videos'

May run afoul of other countrie's free speech laws

By Josh Gross
The BBC is reporting that fears of ministers in the U.K. are seeking to further block the ability to view videos posted to the internet depicting or encouraging violent extremism.
Tuesday, February 4,2014

Curiousity Rover meets a roadblock

Enginners seek to navigate treacharous sand dune

By Josh Gross
The Curiousity Rover has come up against a geographic block on the surface of Mars: a meter-high sand dune.
Monday, February 3,2014

Major hotel chain investigating data breach

Credit card data may have been stolen

By Josh Gross
White Lodging, a management company for hotels in the Hilton, Marriott, Sheratin and Westin chains, may have had its credit card data stolen.
Monday, January 27,2014

Here is what memory looks like physically

Scientists capture mollecular movement on tape

By Josh Gross
Scientists have finally witnessed the movements of the molecules that form memories, a breakthough that may lead to better understanding of how memories are made. Exactly how did they do that? F