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Wednesday, July 25,2012

Craigslist sues PadMapper for 'mass harvesting' listings

Craigslist made good on its promise to go after PadMapper if it continued using Craigslist content on its site. The online classifieds company filed a lawsuit in San Francisco's federal court on Friday against both PadMapper and the data harvester it uses -- 3taps.
Tuesday, July 24,2012

Redbox Instant Streaming To Launch Alpha Testing, Name Former Verizon FiOS Exec Shawn Strickland CEO

In February, Coinstar subsidiary Redbox announced a joint venture with Verizon to launch a streaming video service. Later this afternoon, we're told, the companies will provide a bit more insight into the partnership, though details of the service are still extremely limited.
Tuesday, July 24,2012

Apple wants $2.5 billion in damages from Samsung

Apple is looking for Samsung to fork over $2.5 billion to settle patent infringement claims in the U.S. That's the latest figure bandied about by Apple in the ongoing patent infringement saga between the two companies. But how did Apple cook up such a figure?
Monday, July 23,2012

Samsung Galaxy S III Sales Hit 10 Million

If there were any doubts that Samsung's Galaxy S III is the hottest smartphone in the Android world, the latest sales figures for the handset should put those doubts to rest. In the just two months, the Samsung smartphone has broken the 10 million mark in global sales, according to the company.
Monday, July 23,2012

EA Sports agrees to $27 million settlement in football game monopoly lawsuit

EA Sports has reached a proposed settlement of $27 million with the plaintiffs in a class-action lawsuit that claimed the company's exclusive licensing agreements "monopolized an alleged market for interactive football software," ending more than four years of litigation in the federal courts.
Monday, July 23,2012

Google acquires Sparrow, integrates it into the Gmail team

Sparrow, the creators of the popular OS X and iOS e-mail client of the same name, has been acquired by Google, according to a posting on the company's website this morning. Sparrow's developers will now be joining the Gmail group, where they will be working toward an unspecified "bigger vision."
Friday, July 20,2012

Dish Drops 10,000 Subscribers, Fewer Than Expected

Dish Network underestimated itself this year, losing fewer subscribers than expected in its recent second quarter.
Friday, July 20,2012

Amazon, Warner Bros. Licensing Deal Brings More TV Shows To Prime Instant Video

Amazon today announced that it has struck a licensing deal with Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution to bring more TV shows to its Prime Instant Video catalog. Among these new shows are The West Wing, Fringe, Dark Blue, Alcatraz and The Whole Truth. According to Amazon, both Fringe and The West Wing will be available exclusively on Prime Instant Video for the summer. In total, Amazon’s subscription video streaming service now feature about 18,000 movies and TV episodes. With Amazon Instant Video, the company also features about 120,000 titles that users can purchase or rent.
Friday, July 20,2012

The new Digg to relaunch in August after total rebuild

Betaworks, the company that acquired the remaining parts of, says it will have a brand-new version of the social-news site up and running in less than two weeks.
Thursday, July 19,2012

Twitter Rolls Out Targeted Tweets for Advertisers

Twitter today unveiled a new advertising tool that will let companies target their tweets at specific users. With targeted tweets, companies can post messages that only appear for users in specific regions or on certain devices.