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Friday, November 30,2012

Last 'Nintendo Power' issue shouts out to first cover

Nintendo Power magazine was an integral part of the childhoods of the nerdier among us.
Friday, November 30,2012

Review: Apple's iMac still leads in desktop computing

Those of us sitting at desks all day can start drooling. Apple's new iMac is out and, CNET says, it's a beauty.
Friday, November 9,2012

Elections golden boy Nate Silver drives 20 percent of NYT traffic

It's no secret that Nate Silver and the FiveThirtyEight blog are popular.
Tuesday, November 6,2012

Mole rats found to synthesize protein to prevent cancer

Blind mole rats cannot get cancer, and scientists have figured out why: The mammals produce a protein to kill their own cells when they multiply too much.
Friday, November 2,2012

Review: Apple's iPad Mini

Apple takes on the mini market this month.
Monday, October 29,2012

Amazon pits its Kindle Fire directly against iPad Mini

Competition in the tiny tablet market is getting fierce, thanks to an attempt by Amazon to ignite a rivalry with Apple.
Monday, October 22,2012

'Fooducate' app tells consumers if foods contain GMOs

California's Proposition 37, which would require all food containing genetically modified organisms to be labeled, is expected to pass despite slightly waning support, according to polls.
Tuesday, October 16,2012

Microsoft Surface tablet to ship by the end of October

The Surface, Microsoft's tablet to answer the iPad that has been hinted at for months, finally has a price and a release date.
Tuesday, October 9,2012

For a moment, wind accounts for more than half of Spain's power

For a brief moment one September night, the wind howled across the plains of Spain, and Spaniards made the most of it.