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Monday, October 8,2012

Review: Samsung Galaxy Note II

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is a hybrid device.
Monday, October 8,2012

Workers at iPhone factory strike over strict standards, poor training

Seen those super-whiny, incredibly babyish complaints about near-microscopic nicks on new iPhone 5s?
Friday, October 5,2012

This feels oddly familiar: EA's Fifa 13 for Wii the same game as Fifa 12

OK, so sports video games do often feel the same, year after year. It's always the same sport, after all.
Tuesday, October 2,2012

Chinese-based computer maker Lenovo to start manufacturing in US

And now for flip-flopping of a more pleasant kind: Chinese computer manufacturer Lenovo has announced it's opening a manufacturing center in the United States.
Monday, October 1,2012

Denver home to new, tiny, green-friendly Starbucks design

LEED certification is typically reserved for your big skyscrapers or your university academic buildings. But coffee giant Starbucks is thinking small, and it's taking LEED certification with it.
Tuesday, September 25,2012

At Apple-associated factory, iPhone production comes at a price

You've probably never heard of Foxconn by name, but it's likely you know it by reputation: Long, grueling hours under unsafe and unpleasant working conditions, worker suicides, workplace violence and explosions in factories.
Monday, September 24,2012

Review: Apple's iPhone 5 in 4900 words

The anticipation was huge, and now, Apple's iPhone 5 is here. How awesome and badass is it? How much Android ass does it kick? How much should we be willing to pay (or wait) for one?
Friday, September 21,2012

Photo gallery: Lost labels and ruined roads of Apple's iPhone 5 Maps app

Got a new iPhone 5 already? Then you better know where you're headed.
Wednesday, September 19,2012

Oldest known galaxy discovered by Hubble

The Hubble telescope has spotted the universe's oldest known galaxy, a 13.2-billion-year-old formation that could tell scientists about the early periods of the universe.
Tuesday, September 18,2012

Dislike: Samsung's Facebook post invites slew of iPhone praise

Thanks to social media, gone are the days a poorly planned marketing ploy only resulted in viewers changing the channel. Now, a bad ad can generate its own buzz, as consumers have a chance to fire back.