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Tuesday, November 24,2009

Parking Brake Fail

Oops! Man forgets to set his parking brake. Via YouTube.
Friday, November 20,2009

Girl's 'stuffed dog show' doesn't go well

"Little Girl Toy Dog Show Has a Bad Start." Via YouTube.
Thursday, November 19,2009

Miami coach Charlie Coles reacts to a close loss to Kentucky

Miami's Charlie Coles with one of the best soundbites of the year so far after his team took Kentucky to the wire on Monday. Via YouTube.
Wednesday, November 18,2009

To Die is Hard, an action spoof

To Die is Hard, an action spoof by Glenn Berggotz, was shot in Denver. Check out the trailer below, or visit www.to-die.com for more.
Wednesday, November 18,2009

i-Xorcist: Take Control of Your Soul

Say Hello to Exorcism 2.0!
Wednesday, November 18,2009

Greatest freak out ever 2

A kid freaks out when he is "betrayed" over and over again while playing an online game.
Tuesday, November 17,2009

10-Year-Old Who Refuses to Say 'Pledge of Allegiance' Until Gays Have Full Equality

"10 Year Old Will Phillips Won't Pledge Allegiance To The Flag Until Gays & Lesbians Can Marry," via YouTube.
Monday, November 16,2009

George Carlin: You have no rights

"George Carlin speaking the truth and poking some fun at it," via YouTube.
Friday, November 13,2009

Want Ads - Grateful Dead Archivist

Video of the Day, Nov. 13

"UC Santa Cruz looks for someone who loves the Grateful Dead yet somehow also has exceptional organizational skills." From the Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Comedy Central.