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Thursday, June 4,2015

Whitewashing Vietnam?

By Dave Anderson
Recently, the Pentagon announced it was launching a multi-million dollar decade-long 50th anniversary “commemoration” of the Vietnam war in “partnership” with more than 10,000 corporations and local groups which are to sponsor hometown events. Its website presents a fairy tale of “honor” and “valor.
Thursday, June 4,2015

The bombing of Judi Bari

By BariNews
May 24, 2015, marked the 25th anniversary of the 1990 bombing of logging reform activist Judi Bari. The bombing remains an unsolved crime. Here is a brief recap of the historical and political context of the bombing and attempted framing of Judi Bari by the FBI and Oakland Police.
Thursday, May 28,2015

Congressman Pinocchio

By Sam Schabacker and Mike Roque
Congressman Polis’ nose is growing by the day. The web of mistruths, halftruths and outright fabrications he is using to justify his support for fast tracking the Trans- Pacific Partnership (TPP) — a secretive trade deal that would expand fracking, destroy jobs and erode local democracy — is astounding.
Thursday, May 21,2015

The socialist Democrat

By Dave Anderson
It was a shock. Canada’s democratic socialist party, The New Democrats (NDP), won a resounding victory this month in Alberta, the country’s most rightwing province where the Progressive Conservatives have ruled for over four decades. The NDP promised to increase corporate taxes, social spending as well as oil and gas royalties.
Thursday, May 14,2015

Towards a smarter, more progressive approach to trade

By Congressman Jared Polis
These pages have written extensively over the past several months about an important topic: trade. Numerous commentaries and letters of varying levels of veracity have been printed. Unfortunately, while I admire the persistence and attention paid to this topic, the facts have often meandered from the truth. First off, let’s get one thing straight — any one that has followed my political and business career knows that I am supportive of freer and fairer trade and the benefits it brings to hundreds of thousands of small businesses and workers across the country, including thousands in our own backyard — places like Lightning Eliminators in Boulder, which helps protect buildings from lightning, Shotcrete Technologies in Idaho Springs which makes high-speed nozzles for concrete applications, Pro’s Closet biking supplies in Boulder and Keeton Industries in Wellington which makes probiotics for fish.
Thursday, May 7,2015

Hippies and street people

By Dave Anderson
On April 21, KGNU Radio hosted a 1960s-themed party at the History Colorado Center at 1200 Broadway in Denver. Psychedelic music played while people visited a touring exhibit entitled 1968: The Year That Rocked History and a locally-produced show on the Chicano movement in Colorado.
Thursday, April 23,2015

Sharing the economy

By Dave Anderson
About one in three American workers are temps, according to a recent report from the Freelancers Union and a temp agency called ElanceoDesk Inc. That’s 53 million people (or 34 percent of the workforce). That’s sort of an update of a comprehensive U.S. Government Accountability Office report in 2006 that found that 31 percent were temps.
Thursday, April 9,2015

Momentum building to raise minimum wage

By Dave Anderson
Workers will demand a $15 an hour minimum wage and the right to form a union without employer interference. Rallies will be held in more than 200 U.S. cities.
Thursday, March 26,2015

Hardhats, hippies and hawks

By Dave Anderson
According to a widespread urban legend, the Vietnam anti-war movement was mostly composed of privileged college kids and the war was most enthusiastically supported by blue collar workers. That’s the story perpetuated in countless TV shows, movies, press reports and history textbooks.
Thursday, March 12,2015

Coming together

Steel Workers join environmentalists

By Dave Anderson
A militant alliance of unionized workers and environmentalists is emerging out of the first national oil refinery strike since 1980. An Unfair Labor Practices strike began on Feb. 1 after talks broke down between the United Steel Workers (USW) and Royal Dutch Shell, which is the lead industry negotiator.