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Thursday, January 29,2015

It was no ‘Charlie Hebdo’ but Boulder’s Clancy’s Bookstore did its share to fight censorship

By Dave Anderson
In January 1965, Len Barron — a CU student in his 30s — found out that Clancy was in financial trouble. He helped organize a testimonial program to honor Clancy and raise money for the store. Tickets were $5 each. The event included music, drama and poetry reading.
Thursday, January 15,2015

We didn’t always hate Castro

By Dave Anderson
As America embarks on a more friendly relationship with Cuba, it is interesting to recall a peculiar moment in our history when Fidel Castro was seen as a Robin Hood figure by many Americans, including a fair number of conservatives.
Wednesday, December 31,2014

Polis a bit too coy on TPP

By Dave Anderson
The TPP is being secretly negotiated by the United States and 11 other nations. They are “harmonizing” regulations of corporations which were designed to protect workers, the environment, consumers and the economy. It would be great if they harmonized by strengthening regulations to the highest standards everywhere.
Thursday, December 18,2014

Learning courage from East German pacifists

By Dave Anderson
I recently talked with Boulder schoolteacher Zuza Bohley, who grew up in East Germany. Her entire family were politically active pacifists and were under constant surveillance and harrassment by the Stasi (the secret police). Amnesty International publicized their troubles.
Thursday, December 4,2014

Hick clueless on guest workers

By Dave Anderson
He said: “What’s amazing to me is, a lot of young Latinos, the vast majority don’t care about a pathway to citizenship. They want to be able to get on an airplane and get down to Mexico City and visit their grandparents. And they want to get a job and be able to get paid over the table.
Thursday, November 20,2014

A history of atrocities against American Indians

By Dave Anderson
When Christopher Columbus and his men landed in the New World, he described in his log how the friendly Arawak Indians ran to greet them and offered food, water and gifts: “They do not bear arms, and do not know them, for I showed them a sword, they took it by the edge and cut themselves out of ignorance.
Thursday, November 6,2014

Friendship City Project builds peace one piece at a time

By Dave Anderson
Carl Conetta disputes this in a recent lengthy study of current and historical U.S. public opinion polls on global engagement, military intervention and defense spending. He is the director of the Project for Defense Alternatives of the Center for International Policy.
Thursday, October 23,2014

‘Punk’ kids refreshing in a stale political season

By Dave Anderson
The board quickly abrogated an agreed-upon pay raise for teachers and pushed through a new system linking teacher pay to student performance on standardized tests, rejecting a review by a third-party factfinder who ruled the new system too inaccurate to use for setting salaries.
Thursday, October 9,2014

Democracy in the workplace

By Dave Anderson
Can democracy just consist of voting at the ballot box when we spend much of our time living under a dictatorship at the workplace? Increasingly, Americans are saying no. Under the radar, many are creating collective, cooperative kinds of economic institutions that aren’t your usual capitalist top-down enterprise. About 13 million Americans are in companies with some form of worker ownership. At least 40 percent of American society — 130 million people — are involved in co-ops and credit unions.
Thursday, September 25,2014

Dissecting the political party landscape

By Dave Anderson
There’s a surging populist progressive insurgency of Elizabeth Warren-type Democratic candidates all over the country, according to John Nichols in the latest issue of The Nation. But not in Colorado. Our politics are sometimes described as moderate, but actually should be called heterogeneous. In a profile of Colorado’s political divisions in 2012, journalist Ben Adler portrayed us as a typical “swing state”: