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Thursday, March 4,2010

Flirting on Facebook

By Dr. Jenni Skyler
Whatever fuels your interest, Facebook has become the hottest online nightclub where people boogie to the dance of Electronic Intimacy.
Thursday, February 25,2010

Adding orgasm to health care reform

By Dr. Jenni Skyler
As Washington argues about our health care system, we citizens of Boulder can claim bragging rights for being one of the most happy and healthy cities in the nation. We have it covered when it comes to diet, exercise, mountains and meditation. However, we may have to periodically remind ourselves that highquality health also includes sexual health.
Thursday, February 18,2010

Sexual intimacy ... with yourself

By Dr. Jenni Skyler
Sex starts with the self. This may sound odd in a culture that is inundated with how to make partner-sex astounding. Cosmo and Maxim use headlines like “How to give him awesome oral pleasure;” “How to make her come multiple times;” or “How to hit up the hot spots.” These are necessary points, but we rarely hear about how to make masturbation mind-blowing.
Thursday, February 11,2010

Is Tiger Woods really a sex addict?

By Dr. Jenni Skyler
The buzz across the country is that Tiger Woods is a sex addict. But specialists in the field debate whether this is the correct diagnosis for Tiger, or just a face-saving career move. Before choosing a side, one may want to deconstruct exactly what qualifies as “sex addiction.”