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Thursday, April 28,2011

Sexpressing yourself

By Dr. Jenni Skyler
I've been in the process of transitioning to a woman for a few years now. I take many hormones and pass as a woman, and plan to get surgery soon for breast implants and a neovagina. The catch is that I am married.
Thursday, April 21,2011

Daily delights

By Dr. Jenni Skyler
On the down side, those who solely depend on spontaneity may find themselves living a busy life and neglecting to have sex as often as they'd like. And those who subscribe to only planning sometimes feel like sex can be as routine as brushing your teeth.
Thursday, April 14,2011

The ins and outs of sex

By Dr. Jenni Skyler
Not to be a Debbie Downer, but you should recognize that habitually having sex in public will highly increase the odds of getting caught, which could mean jail time. If he insists on sex in public, you may want to reevaluate your relationship and encourage him to get counseling.
Thursday, April 7,2011

Three's company

By Dr. Jenni Skyler
Of course, your intrigue is normal too. Human beings are biologically programmed to be sexually curious. How you take action with this curiosity depends on your value system. Some people use fantasy to honor a monogamous, sexually exclusive contract. Some people agree to mutual exploration.
Thursday, March 31,2011

Getting somatic about sex

By Dr. Jenni Skyler
When a man struggles with erectile issues, he may become anxious and/or depressed, further aggravating a situation. Because of this, you do want to be careful with marijuana. Though it may help you relax and take that anxious edge off when it comes to sex, it is also a depressant.
Thursday, March 24,2011

Lured by lube

By Dr. Jenni Skyler
On the other hand, I have many clients who prefer the more natural and organic route and thus use natural coconut oil. Coconut oil is certainly moist and lovely, but remember that it still has a slower shed time than water-based and silicone-based lubes.
Thursday, March 17,2011

Vibrators and lube: allies in pleasure

By Dr. Jenni Skyler
What men are often not taught is that sex goes far beyond genital manipulation. While your penis can be an instrument of pleasure, you have numerous pleasure instruments to call upon as well - like fingers, tongues and toys, as well as heart, soul and mind.
Thursday, March 10,2011

Orgasmic delivery

By Dr. Jenni Skyler
Physiologically, orgasm is a reflex generated from effective stimulation. What initiates orgasm for women is the pubococcygeal muscle, a cluster of striated muscles that holds the genitals together. If you think about childbirth, the baby passes through this muscle band on its way through the birth canal.
Thursday, March 3,2011

The porn predicament

By Dr. Jenni Skyler
While I do not think you are out of line, try to understand her fears. Perhaps there is a bigger theme in the relationship that is being played out with your disagreement over porn. She mentioned feeling replaced; perhaps she fears this.
Thursday, February 24,2011

Resuscitating your sex life

By Dr. Jenni Skyler
Once you have mastered control by yourself, it's time to try the numbers with your girlfriend. Again, try to refrain from falling into a trance where four through eight happen so suddenly that before you blink, you've hit ejaculatory inevitability.