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Wednesday, March 13,2013

Overnight Performing Arts Camps

OVERNIGHT CAMPS Camp Jam Boulder 800-396-8137 Boulder sessions take place at the CU campus. Young musicians age 12-18 will get the opportunity to play in a band, make a video, record a CD, meet a touring band and perform a concert. This camp teaches the understanding necessary to succeed in the professional music industry.
Wednesday, March 13,2013

Overnight Special Needs Camps

OVERNIGHT CAMPS Colorado Center for the Blind Summer Youth Programs Littleton 303-778-1130 ext. 222 We have programs that teach the skills of blindness and offer exc
Wednesday, March 13,2013

Overnight Sports Camps

Overnight Camps Camp Timberline Estes Park 970-484-8462 Colorado’s premier sports and mountain adventure camp for kids ages 6-18. Located at the base of Lo
Wednesday, March 13,2013

Day Sports Camps

FC Boulder Soccer Camps provide an environment for soccer development for players of all abilities. Our camps maintain a focus on the FC Boulder club values of community, character, passion and achievement. Players will receive small-group training involving soccer fundamentals, techniques and tactics.
Wednesday, March 13,2013

Sports: Team, individual camps teach similar lessons

Both build skills, community

By Steve Weishampel
There’s a potential, fencing coach Scott Permer acknowledges, for parents to see individual sports camps as a little lonely.
Wednesday, March 13,2013

Day Special Needs Camps

Children with special needs and their families will take part in intensive, personalized and integrated therapeutic and recreational programs. Our programs are open to children with all types of developmental disabilities beginning at age 1 and up. Programs are offered in the Rockies and in Metro Denver.
Wednesday, March 13,2013

Special Needs: Equal opportunity sporting

Kids who are differently abled play, recreate and connect through adaptive sports camps and programs

By Jessie Lucier
Schmid explains that many public physical education programs are without the budget to provide the equipment and staff needed for disabled kids to participate in many activities and, because of the lack of resources, many of these kids are left sitting on the sidelines. He also notes that the cost of a low-end handcycle starts at $2,000.
Wednesday, March 13,2013

Performing Arts: Easing into the limelight

Performing arts camps can help develop confidence in kids

By Stephanie Riesco
Bowing to thunderous applause from proud, camera-wielding parents may just seem like practice for young actors with dreams of Broadway, but for every child, healthy self-esteem is essential to future success. By creating a safe environment, performing arts camps work to cultivate this sense of confidence.
Wednesday, March 13,2013

Day Performing Arts Camps

Arvada Center summer camps offer fun and creative experiences in theater, visual arts, dance, ceramics, music, creative writing. storytelling and photography for kids ages 5-18 and ArtStart camps for ages 1 -4. All sessions are taught by highly trained, knowledgeable teachers in a safe and fun environment.
Wednesday, March 13,2013

Day Outdoor Camps

This camp is located 10,000 feet above sea level in the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains. The spectacular scenery of the backcountry base camp is the perfect site for your wilderness experience.