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Thursday, January 12,2012

No environmental regulations in this House

By Elizabeth Miller
Though Congress this year may be better known as the session that failed to accomplish anything, a report commissioned by three ranking members of the House shows this year’s collection of Representatives has cast more anti-environment votes than any other in history. The total averages out to one anti-environmental vote for every day in session in 2011. The votes were split by party, with 94 percent of Republicans voting anti-environment and 86 percent of Democrats voting pro-environment.
Thursday, January 5,2012

Envelope, please

An energy-efficiency program conceived in Boulder just might convert you

By Sara Wright
Fueled by federal grant dollars and powered by a team of advisors, the EnergySmart program is proving catalytic in the way it helps people take action after receiving an energy audit.
Thursday, December 29,2011

Resolve to contribute to a healthier planet

By Elizabeth Miller
It’s that time of year. The resolutions fly back and forth, the company incentive packages and community weight loss programs are rolling out. Your gym is about to become a lot more crowded with people looking to burn off the holiday pounds and jump into the new year leaner and meaner and healthier, ideally.
Thursday, December 15,2011

Contesting the rules of roadlessness

By Elizabeth Miller
Six years ago, in the interest of protecting Colorado’s pristine wilderness areas while the national roadless area rule was being contested in court, the state began development of a roadless rule. Two drafts and 200,000 public comments later, local conservation organizations are now looking to scrap that rule and go back to the national roadless rule, which has since been validated twice by circuit courts, including the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver in October. Not only is a state rule no long necessary, conservation groups say, the Colorado roadless rule doesn’t offer protections for Colorado’s forests that are as strong as the national rule. They’re putting pressure on the Obama administration to block the proposed Colorado Roadless Rule.
Thursday, December 8,2011

Drifting toward answers on lost crops

By Elizabeth Miller
If you shop with any regularity at the Abbondanza stall at the farmers’ market, you might have noticed some gaps in their inventory this fall. Dried beans and winter squash are mostly what Shanan Olson, co-owner, says people have commented on missing. They ask why, and she’s not sure how to reply. Pesticide drift on their organic-certified farm in 2010 cost most of their fall harvest, a $250,000 loss. At least, that’s what they can piece together. What really happened to their crop has been a complicated puzzle to solve.
Thursday, December 1,2011

Fishing for sustainable seafood

By Elizabeth Miller
Step away from the shrimp cocktail and the smoked salmon spread. Even fisheries that sell products stamped with the seal of approval from the Marine Stewardship Council, an international nonprofit that promotes solutions to overfishing and certifies fisheries and seafood products as sustainable or environmentally friendly, have been the source of some oceanic nightmares.
Wednesday, November 23,2011

Shop local services

By Elizabeth Miller
This year, you could give gifts. Or, you could give the gift of a stronger local economy, more jobs, more money for local charities and more tax dollars for infrastructure by buying services instead of goods. Spa treatments, haircuts, house cleaning, massages and computer help are all examples of services that can be purchased from locally owned businesses.
Thursday, November 17,2011

Raining on the animal parade

By Elizabeth Miller
Half of the mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles living in Colorado’s mountains are at risk of becoming extinct over the next century, according to a recent paper co-authored by a University of Colorado professor.
Wednesday, November 9,2011

Waste-to-energy or zero waste?

By Blair Madole
While Front Range Landfill and the town of Erie have decided to follow the waste-to-energy path by trying to convert the gas from the landfill to electricity, the Boulder-based nonprofit Eco-Cycle favors the zero-waste option by trying to drastically reduce the amount of materials sent to landfills.
Thursday, November 3,2011

Peeking in on priceless plants

By Elizabeth Miller
The doors to a prized collection of plants are opening to Boulder — for just a few people and only briefly. On Nov. 8, the CU greenhouse on 30th Street will allow a few people in to tour the greenhouse and develop a better understanding of the work that happens at the greenhouse and the work plants do in our daily lives.