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Thursday, October 18,2012

Oceans studied and celebrated at second annual Making Waves

By Elizabeth Miller
The awe children have for sea life, the blissful indulgence of the beach and the intrigue of Scuba diving deep into the sea — that’s all part of the ethos feeding the second annual Making Waves ocean symposium, hosted by the Colorado Ocean Coalition on Oct. 20 and 21.
Thursday, October 11,2012

Hunting for conservation

Legislation aims for hunting access, but would destroy wildlife populations

By Elizabeth Miller
Officially designated wilderness areas would be protected, but primitive areas not officially marked as roadless wilderness areas would be a different matter.
Thursday, September 20,2012

A COOL debate

Lawsuit fuels arguments over country-of-origin labeling law

By Hayley Proctor
Although 95 percent of consumers agree that country-of-origin labeling for products should always be available at point of purchase on products, meat processors and producers and members of the World Trade Organization are pushing back against a law that requires them to label where meat comes from, saying it is logistically difficult and expensive.
Thursday, September 13,2012

‘The Human Quest’ calls for new Industrial Revolution

Swedish writer and photographer say the planet is fast approaching critical boundaries

By Alyssa Hurst
Through the “language of art and science,” writer Johan Rockström and photographer Mattias Klum work to steer the world’s “drivers” down a different road. Without a serious change, they argue, we are doomed to a future in which the “world drives at an ever faster pace toward the escarpment, along our unsustainable and undesirable development highway.
Thursday, September 6,2012

Media coverage misleading on Stanford’s organic vs. conventional food study

By Joel Dyer
You probably came away with the impression that a new Stanford University study released on Tuesday concluded that there are no health benefits to eating organic food compared to eating conventional food. It’s a pretty sensational headline. Unfortunately, it’s also completely wrong.
Thursday, August 30,2012

Natural guidelines

Biomimicry provides ideas for living and working sustainably

By Jessie Lucier
For 3.8 billion years, nature has been working hard to hone processes and designs to evolve efficiently. As humans, we borrow from what nature has perfected.
Thursday, August 23,2012

A road too far

Colorado's wilderness is at stake in November's election

By Elizabeth Miller
Amid the fuss about the economy and health care and other social issues, questions of how to handle our public lands and how to protect our environment also hang in the balance.
Thursday, August 16,2012

BeadforLife is on a roll

Boulder-based company among nominees for MORE grant

By Jessie Lucier
Here in Boulder, people place a lot of emphasis on sustainable living. For Boulderites, sustainability might mean energy efficiency and lowering the community’s carbon footprint. It might mean cultivating local food. But it also might mean creating and sustaining local businesses and jobs.
Thursday, August 9,2012

Initiatives lose battle, but Colorado water war rages on

Appeal process deters chance at statewide water reform

By Travis Mannon
If two water initiatives die before they have a chance to reach the ballot in November, do they make a sound? If they did, the sound you might hear is the collective sigh of relief from the Colorado oil and gas industry, the agricultural industry and other opponents of Initiatives 3 and 45.
Thursday, August 2,2012

Opening up to sustainable art

Bold Doors repurposes refuse to make high-end art

By Elizabeth Miller
What began as an initiative to help the Center for ReSource Conservation clear out its inventory has blossomed into a community-building collaboration of artists and is drawing visitors into surprising corners of Boulder. The Bold Doors tour reinvented about 100 doors as artwork that is now on display in shops around town and part of a silent auction.