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Thursday, December 20,2012

Lessons from the sky

Students on Flight Across America learn about water in the West — by airplane

By Cayte Bosler
Wearing hardhats and safety goggles, a group of college students from Colorado huddle in the control room at the Four Corners Coal Power Plant in Farmington, N.M.
Thursday, December 13,2012

The future of wind energy in question

Deadline approaches for renewal of the wind energy Production Tax Credit

By Alyssa Hurst
Each year that the wind Production Tax Credit has been allowed to expire, the wind energy industry has seen major declines. This year, wind energy faces that possibility for a fourth time in the credit’s 20-year life span.
Thursday, December 6,2012

Are flame retardants causing toxic couches?

Retardant chemicals on the rise in furniture, study finds

By Brett Israel
Flame retardants in U.S. furniture are on the rise, with a new study finding them in nearly all couches tested. The findings, published Nov. 28, confirm that household furniture remains a major source of a variety of flame retardants, some of which have been building up in people’s bodies and in the environment.
Thursday, November 29,2012

Bill McKibben leads divestment campaign to Boulder

Bill McKibben, ‘Do the Math’ tour organize divestment campaign to decrease carbon emissions

By Adelina Shee
Three figures were all author and environmental activist Bill McKibben needed to fuel his national roadshow.
Wednesday, November 21,2012

Unwelcome visitors: Invasive fish species spell trouble for Colorado waterways

By Hayley Proctor
The next time you consider ways of getting rid of a pet fish, dead or alive, know that dumping it into the nearest lake or flushing it down the toilet are not valid options.
Thursday, November 15,2012

Colorado forests, they are a-changin’

CU-Boulder scientist Tim Seastedt says climate change will affect wildfires, change forests

By Alyssa Hurst
The heat of climate change has been felt with intensity here in Colorado. This summer, fires like the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado Springs and Boulder’s Flagstaff Fire ravaged the state.
Thursday, November 8,2012

Betting on conservation

Great Outdoors Colorado celebrates 20 years

By Elizabeth Miller
Twenty years of wishful thinking by lottery ticket buyers all over the state has made all the rest of us winners when it comes to living in Colorado. For the last two decades, revenue from the Colorado Lottery has been used to build parks and trails, create open space and protect wildlife habitat.
Tuesday, November 6,2012

Colorado Bioneers celebrates its 10th year

Innovators gather again in Boulder to discuss new, sustainable ways of living

By Jessie Lucier
Every autumn, people in Colorado see posters inviting them to attend something called Bioneers. They see leaflets at local coffee shops and at the Farmers’ Market. They hear people talking.
Thursday, November 1,2012

Too much of a good thing

Legislation proposes to sell ‘excess’ federal lands

By Elizabeth Miller
Environmental legislation often masquerades under other banners. Few come at it as straightforwardly as H.R. 1126, the latest incarnation of legislation to require the secretary of the interior to auction off federal lands.
Thursday, October 25,2012

Colorado speaks up in GMO debate

Support for GMO labeling initiative takes a hit in California, while an increasing number of Boulder County companies are joining the fight

By Hayley Proctor
Proposition 37 has taken center stage in the nation due to the possibility that, if the law passes, it could set the stage for other states to pass similar laws, and that includes Colorado.