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Thursday, July 12,2012

Making money, making change

Startup companies show their positive impact in the Summit competition

By Hadley Vandiver
From King Richard in Robin Hood taxing his citizens to the point of starvation to Scrooge nickel and diming his employees out of a family Christmas, classic cartoons and fairy tales present a pretty grim picture of people who like money. But The [i4c] Campaign, and the Denver venture capital firm Galvanize that funds it, are trying to change that image.
Thursday, July 5,2012

Enlisting the sun

Military uses solar energy to help power its operations

By Hadley Vandiver
Within the U.S., it is the Department of Defense (DOD), encompassing the Army, Marine Corps, Navy and Air Force, that consumes the most energy, according to the DOD. In 2010, the DOD’s energy costs totaled more than $4 billion. So what is the DOD doing to combat its gigantic carbon footprint? It’s looking to the sun.
Thursday, June 28,2012

Fire smoke may diminish rainfall

Scientists investigate the effect of smoke on Colorado’s monsoon season

By Bob Berwyn
All eyes are on the southwest monsoon flow for some relief from Colorado’s record-breaking drought, but there’s a chance that regional and local haze and smoke could inhibit thunderstorm formation, potentially diminishing the chance for significant rains.
Thursday, June 21,2012

Heating up alternative energy

Solar thermal advocate argues for Colorado to be this technology’s next home

By Don Tartaglione
Colorado is primed to be powered by solar thermal energy, but one big challenge stands in the way: No one seems to know about it.
Thursday, June 7,2012

Head in the cloud

By Hadley Vandiver
In April, Greenpeace released a report showing that the United States led the world in electricity consumption in 2007, with 3,923 billion kilowatt hours (kwH). Following the U.S. are other industrialized countries; China is second, followed by Russia and Japan.
Thursday, May 24,2012

Turn up the heat

By Amy Paturel
Capsaicin positively affects internal conditions as well as external ones. It reduces triglycerides in the blood, speeds up cholesterol breakdown, and reduces the risk of internal blood clots that trigger heart attacks.
Thursday, May 17,2012

Hang in there snowfly

Last week, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) issued a 12-month listing determination for the Arapahoe snowfly, ruling that protection of the insect was warranted under the Endangered Species Act. Unfortunately, it won’t be happening any time soon because the USFWS says it has higher priorities.
Thursday, May 17,2012

Local farm loses the battle against local government

By Hadley Vandiver
After years of fighting Boulder County land use codes and regulations, Zia Parker is selling her farm and moving with her husband to Ecuador in hopes that running a permaculture farm will encounter fewer obstacles in the South American country.
Thursday, May 10,2012

Global what?

It’s hard to make changes and save the planet when the majority of us apparently have the attention span of the average second grader. At least that’s one interpretation of a new Stanford University poll that shows that our support for measures designed to curb global warming is already in decline even though many of the changes losing popularity have yet to even be implemented.
Thursday, May 10,2012

A high-powered mom

Bailey brings municipalization experience to Boulder

By Jefferson Dodge
Heather Bailey is Boulder’s new czar of municipalization, and she knows a thing or two about regulatory agencies and cities running their own electric utilities.