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Thursday, March 22,2012

Act legalizes cottage chefs

Local Foods, Local Jobs Act allows for sales of food from home kitchens

By Elizabeth Miller
Gov. John Hickenlooper has signed the “Local Foods, Local Jobs Act” into law, exempting small food producers who sell directly to their customers from having to use commercial kitchens and paying for health department inspections.
Thursday, March 15,2012

Boulder celebrates its love affair with bicycles

By Hadley Vandiver
Boulder’s bicycle culture is thriving and lively, and we habitually capture and celebrate it in visual form and as a group. Compare the single man polishing the chrome bumper of his car to the workshop of Community Cycles, which has now graduated 1,000 Earn-a- Bikers from its community workshop.
Thursday, March 8,2012

Wilder paths to rejoining civilian life

How the great outdoors are helping veterans and their spouses cope

By Blair Madole
The Women’s Wilderness Institute, a Boulderbased non-profit organization focused on helping women build strength and courage through wilderness experiences, recently teamed up with the Sierra Club and the University of Michigan to research the benefits of outdoor activities for veterans.
Thursday, February 23,2012

Song of The River

‘Chasing Water’ tells the tale of the once-mighty Colorado River

By Traci Hukill
In a sense, photographer Pete McBride has been preparing to make Chasing Water all his life. Raised on a cattle ranch in the Roaring Fork River Valley, he grew up working hay fields irrigated by the snowmelt that carved the Grand Canyon and slaked the thirst of the Southwest.
Thursday, February 16,2012

Biff 2012 | Bitter stories

‘Bitter Seeds’ leads a call to action against GMOs

By Blair Madole
The story that unfolds in the documentary Bitter Seeds, featured at the Boulder International Film Festival, is about farmers who wager it all on what are promised to be miracle seeds, but land dust and failed crops rather than a magic bean pole.
Thursday, February 9,2012

Gimme all your gas money

State alleges that ConocoPhillips has misused environmental cleanup funds

By Elizabeth Miller
The state of Colorado has filed a complaint against the ConocoPhillips Company alleging that ConocoPhillips has profited from the state’s fund for pollution cleanup at service stations by taking $70 million in state funds for clean-ups its insurance company later reimbursed it for.
Thursday, February 2,2012

Searching for a CSA

By Blair Madole
If you are trying to avoid GMOs and the potential for strange growths or zombie-like qualities this summer, participating in a CSA, or Community Supported Agriculture, may be a good choice.
Thursday, January 26,2012

Polluted canvases

Art from smog and lichens

By Elizabeth Miller
Sometimes we need the most literal of images to open our eyes. So it is with Kim Abeles’ art — she creates art with smog so viewers can see the dirty tracks of the way we live in clear outlines. She has enlarged often-overlooked lichen and given them eyes.
Thursday, January 19,2012

Jumping the power lines

CU engineers install renewable energy systems in Haiti

By Elizabeth Miller
Forget the grid. For the developing world, professors forget the power lines and the coal-fired electricity they deliver. In developing you countries, renewable energy sources are their the answer to getting people online, was, powering up their cell phones and running computer labs in schools.
Thursday, January 12,2012

No environmental regulations in this House

By Elizabeth Miller
Though Congress this year may be better known as the session that failed to accomplish anything, a report commissioned by three ranking members of the House shows this year’s collection of Representatives has cast more anti-environment votes than any other in history. The total averages out to one anti-environmental vote for every day in session in 2011. The votes were split by party, with 94 percent of Republicans voting anti-environment and 86 percent of Democrats voting pro-environment.