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Friday, September 7,2012

Six more takedowns of Stanford organic study — and media's reporting on it

A Stanford study that concluded organic food doesn't provide greater nutritional benefit than conventionally grown food is taking its licks in the media.
Tuesday, September 4,2012

Boulder's NOAA can't afford greenhouse gas monitoring

Faced with a rapidly shrinking budget, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has announced that it has stopped measuring greenhouse gas emissions at 12 locations and has slashed measuring practices across the country.
Tuesday, September 4,2012

World cities seek solutions for 'heat island' effect

Temperatures have been off the charts across the country this summer, and America's cities are particularly hard-hit.
Friday, August 31,2012

Climate change trends show projections for each nation

Right now, the U.S. and China are by far the world leaders in the emission of CO2 and other greenhouse gases.
Wednesday, August 29,2012

Fracking leak causes methane to contaminate groundwater in Pa.

Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection has acknowledged that methane from a fracking operation has contaminated groundwater and wellwater in Leroy Township, Pa.
Wednesday, August 29,2012

French government: No fracking 'til 'clean technologies' used

France will retain its ban on extracting natural gas from shale until "clean technologies" are invented and replace fracking, the country's industry minister has announced.
Wednesday, August 29,2012

Full coverage of the lively climate change discussion at the GOP convention

The staff at Grist is all over the global warming talk at the RNC.
Tuesday, August 28,2012

CU aims to streamline recycling for students

No-sort recycling to be implemented

Is recycling in multiple containers too complicated? The University of Colorado Boulder will be simplifying the process for students this year, providing single-stream recycling receptacles in dining and housing areas.
Monday, August 27,2012

Obama heeding the echoes of Katrina

As another storm targets Gulf Coast, president prepares

For many Americans, Hurricane Katrina was more than just a storm. Its damage also reached even farther than the extensive damage it did to New Orleans and other parts of the Gulf Coast.
Monday, August 27,2012

Arctic ice melting faster than ever

The good news: The Arctic may not be a frozen wasteland year-round in the near future.