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Friday, August 24,2012

Climate change driving massive wildfires in Southwest

Drought, heat waves and wildfires have characterized the summer of 2012. Get used to it.
Wednesday, August 22,2012

Cutting down on wasteful eating

Americans toss nearly half of their food

About 40 percent of the food that hits American plates doesn't go down American throats. Instead, it enters American landfills, or, at best, it's turned to compost.
Wednesday, August 22,2012

Battle over fracking hits New York airwaves

The state of New York will announce new rules to allow fracking, ending a long holdout against the oil and natural gas drilling technique, reported CBS News Sunday.
Tuesday, August 21,2012

Court strikes down EPA's interstate air pollution regulations

The D.C. Circuit Court today ruled that an EPA rule aimed at curbing cross-state air pollution overstepped the bounds set by Congress, in a blow to an Obama administration environmental policy.
Tuesday, August 21,2012

Crisis of ice for Greenland

Glaciers melting faster than scientists predicted

Ice caps melting was among the first tangible signs of global warming, and it's time to bring the focus back to them, says environmentalist Bill McKibben, especially as they continue to melt rapidly.
Monday, August 20,2012

Hamburger's environmental impact not easy to track

Burgers are getting more complicated by the day. They aren't just cookout food any more. They're quickly becoming symbols of both overconsumption and the wastefulness of Americans' food choices.
Friday, August 17,2012

How the EPA could keep people safe from chemical plants

Chemical plants that process and produce deadly toxins are closer than a lot of Americans probably think — and they could be closer to danger, too.
Wednesday, August 15,2012

Industry lawsuit attacks science and sustainability on national forests

Livestock, timber and off-road industry groups filed a lawsuit in federal court on Aug. 13 challenging the Obama administration’s 2012 planning rule for U.S. national forests.
Tuesday, August 14,2012

A climate change fix conservatives can love

Former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer advocates for a tax on carbon-spewing companies, an approach to climate action steeped in conservative economics.
Monday, August 13,2012

Largest U.S. coal ash pond Little Blue to close, but future rules still undecided

Neighbors recall promises that the eerie azure lake known as "Little Blue" would be made into a recreational jewel, complete with swimming, bike trails, and sailboats.