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Friday, May 31,2013

Foreign countries stop buying US wheat, fearing GMOs

A rogue, illegal strain of genetically modified wheat was found in Oregon May 30. And its impact is already being felt on U.S. exports.
Friday, May 10,2013

Carbon dioxide in atmosphere eclipses 400 parts per million

For the first time in human history, the amount of carbon dioxide in the air has passed 400 parts per million, a symbolic mark that has not been reached for 3 to 5 million years.
Friday, May 10,2013

See time-lapse animated GIFs of environmental changes over 28 years

Using annual photos from space, Google has compiled animated images that provide an overhead look at some major environmental changes over 28 years.
Wednesday, May 8,2013

Ohio city rejects ban on fracking

Youngstown, Ohio voters have rejected a proposed ban on fracking in city limits, but activists there say they won't stop trying to get the ban passed.
Wednesday, May 8,2013

One dead, two injured in Utah oil well explosion

An explosion at a well site in eastern Utah has killed one worker and injured two others.
Tuesday, April 30,2013

Environmental fashion: Check out the shirt that you only wash three times a year

First of all, since we're in Boulder: No, not every shirt is a shirt you wash only three times a year.
Tuesday, April 30,2013

Conservative shoppers purposely avoid pro-environment products

Conservative shoppers are less likely to buy a product with labeling that points out that it helps the environment.
Tuesday, April 16,2013

Solar power could replace fossil fuels, utilities acknowledge

How much could renewable energy shake up the energy industry? It depends who you ask.
Friday, April 12,2013

NOAA: Expect almost ice-free summers in Arctic soon

The federal National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says that soon, possibly within the next few decades, there will be almost no ice in the Arctic during the summer.
Tuesday, April 9,2013

Exxon hit with $236M court fine in NH pollution case

A New Hampshire jury has found gas company ExxonMobil liable for a $236 million cleanup bill in a groundwater pollution lawsuit.