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Monday, April 8,2013

'Hundreds of thousands of gallons' of oil blanket Ark. neighborhood

Mayflower, Ark. has been hit by a large oil spill from the ExxonMobil-operated Pegasus oil pipeline, causing hundreds of thousands of gallons to pour into yards and streets, Exxon confirms.
Wednesday, March 27,2013

Jane Goodall's new book: How extensive is the plagiarism?

Widely respected primatologist and author Jane Goodall, who has worked for decades with apes in Africa, has been found to have plagiarized sections of her newest book, Seeds of Hope.
Tuesday, March 26,2013

In-depth: Future of industry, health of planet at stake in Keystone XL pipeline debate

The upcoming decision from President Barack Obama on the future of the Keystone XL pipeline is a momentous decision for the future of an industry, the environment and the nation's economy.
Tuesday, March 26,2013

Green walls: How leaf-covered buildings can reduce pollution

While much attention has been given to reducing air pollution and exhaust from cars, a new concept is taking hold in Paris, Frankfurt, Madrid and other cities across Europe: green walls.
Monday, March 25,2013

Wyoming judge: Fracking fluid formulas are trade secrets

The state of Wyoming has won in a lawsuit against environmentalists hoping to find out what's in fracking fluid.
Friday, March 22,2013

Oil & gas industry agrees to — non-binding — fracking standards

The oil & gas industry and environmental groups are kind of not friends. But even not-friends can agree on some things, evidently.
Monday, March 18,2013

10 reasons not to frack California's dirty oil

Fracking is already a nationwide debate. Soon, it might become a nationwide practice.
Monday, March 11,2013

Sean Lennon, Yoko Ono release anti-fracking song 'Don't Frack My Mom'

Artist Yoko Ono and her son Sean Lennon have established themselves as leaders in the movement against fracking, which we hardly need to bother identifying as a natural gas extraction method.
Friday, March 8,2013

Whole Foods will require GMO labeling on its foods by 2018

Whole Foods Market has announced it will place labels on all foods containing genetically modified organisms by 2018.
Tuesday, March 5,2013

Major papers reduce coverage of environmental issues

Despite the alarming number of severe weather events that are tied to climate change — and despite the constantly increasing emissions of greenhouse gases — and despite the approaching climate issues as China and other developing nations continue to rely on fossil fuels — the New York Times and Washington Post have both decided to reduce their coverage of environmental issues.