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Monday, February 4,2013

Deadly rainstorms linked to climate change

Droughts have gripped the U.S. recently, but across the globe another sign of climate change is rearing its head: Deadly rains have struck across Asia, Australia and North America in recent years.
Tuesday, January 22,2013

Imported oil: It isn't a Middle Eastern thing

Imported oil and gas is often invoked as an evil specter in American politics, calling to mind shadowy anti-American regimes profiting off of our oil addiction.
Monday, January 21,2013

China green energy not keeping up with fossil fuel consumption

The air pollution in Beijing is literally off the charts.
Tuesday, January 8,2013

Canadian study: oil sands mining causes water pollution

A study funded by the Canadian government has confirmed that, in areas within 56 miles of a tar sands or oil sands operation, sediment in lakes contains higher levels of pollution.
Friday, January 4,2013

Ethnicity and the environment: Latinos join green movement

If Republicans thought immigration was the only issue that drove Latino voters away, they might be very wrong.
Monday, December 31,2012

EPA chief Lisa Jackson stepping down for Obama's 2nd term

The administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Lisa Jackson, will resign her post at the beginning of President Barack Obama's second term, Jackson has announced.
Friday, December 28,2012

Chinese coral reefs drop 80 percent over 30 years

An Australian research team, working together with the South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, found that coral reefs along mainland China and in the South China Sea have decreased by 80 percent over the last 30 years.
Tuesday, December 18,2012

Global temperatures above average for 333rd straight month

At some point, the concept of 'average' becomes meaningless.
Monday, December 17,2012

Demand to dwarf supply on Colorado River

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar called it "a call to action." But a recently released federal study may be a few steps beyond just that.
Monday, December 10,2012

The Clean Water Act: America's greatest environmental law turns 40

The Clean Water Act is entering its 40th year of preventing rivers from catching fire.