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Monday, December 3,2012

Dispersant-oil mix highly toxic in BP spill

The dispersant used after the massive oil spill in the Gulf in 2010 has been found to be highly toxic when mixed with the oil it was intended to disperse.
Friday, November 30,2012

NASA study: Polar ice melting more rapidly

Ice at both poles is melting faster every year, a new study from an international group including NASA reports. And the study has found the melting is leading to rising sea levels.
Friday, November 30,2012

Why fight against fracking could determine Earth's future

As obscure as the war against fracking is in Boulder County — it gets front-page headlines less often than marijuana and a bad football team — the oil-drilling practice is even less well-known across the country.
Monday, November 19,2012

World Bank: Climate change a huge issue

Global warming and climate change truly aren't just for hippies any more.
Friday, November 9,2012

Climate reminder: 2012 still hottest ever in US

We're finally below average. Hooray!
Tuesday, November 6,2012

Even if defeated, anti-GMO movement gains ground

California's Proposition 37, which would require food producers to label foods that contain genetically modified organisms, may not pass today. Support for the measure has dropped in the face of a massive advertising campaign from Monsanto and other massive corporations.
Monday, November 5,2012

EPA catches Kia, Hyundai overstating MPG claims

The Environmental Protection Agency announced last week that two car companies, Hyundai and Kia, would lower the miles-per-gallon estimates on their 2012-2013 models after the EPA found they didn't perform to the levels they claimed.
Friday, November 2,2012

New York mayor Bloomberg endorses Obama on green grounds

Like the racist grandfather who finally changes his mind when a relative marries a minority, some of us don't understand an issue until it's plopped right at our doorstep.
Monday, October 29,2012

South Dakota GOP goes all-in on anti-environmentalism and anti-intellectualism

Anti-intellectualism has increasingly become a part of conservative thinking. This might be the year we finally break through to out-and-out attacking someone for getting an education.
Monday, October 22,2012

Across eastern US, dams 'hold toxic legacy'

The eastern United States is dotted with dams, blocking streams and rivers of any size. The explosion of industry in the U.S. led to damming of any possible source of power for mills.