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Tuesday, October 16,2012

September ties record for warmth worldwide

After a summer that broke record after record for heat, some good news: September was only tied for the hottest September since 1880.
Tuesday, October 9,2012

It's the Year of the Bat

It's easy to get excited about saving the pandas or the polar bears or the prairie dogs or anything else you could conceivably cuddle with. They're cute.
Monday, October 8,2012

Scientist cleared in reports of polar bear drowning

Wildlife researcher Charles Monnett wasn't kidding or making it up, an investigation has found: Polar bears really did appear to be drowning in the Arctic for lack of ice, as he reported.
Monday, October 8,2012

Black future: Why American oil isn't entering a new Golden Age

The future of oil drilling is shifting quickly from the Middle East to North America. Right? Right??
Friday, October 5,2012

Yes, your cell phone contains toxins

It doesn't matter how clean and futuristic the design is. Every single cell phone in a recent study was found to contain toxic chemicals.
Tuesday, October 2,2012

Winter storms will now have names, Weather Channel announces

It's simple marketing strategy, really: If you want something to catch on and be talked about, give it a memorable name. A brand.
Tuesday, October 2,2012

As gov., Romney flip-flopped on addressing climate change

Flip-flopping isn't a new accusation on the campaign trail, but Mitt the governor started switching positions years before he was ever running.
Monday, October 1,2012

Support dropping for fracking regulations

A 10 percent drop in the polls would be a killer for a presidential candidate. In fact, the reality may be much more drastic.
Wednesday, September 26,2012

The end of fall foliage: Why leaves' colors are fading

The much-beloved colors of fall — the golds, reds, oranges and even browns of leaves in autumn — might not last forever.
Tuesday, September 25,2012

Greenback cutthroat trout nearly completely extinct

Colorado state fish survives in just one stream

No, bud, you didn't catch a greenback. We're sorry.