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Thursday, April 18,2013

'Monsanto Protection Act' is more sinister than it appears

By Joel Dyer
As we recently reported, a last-minute rider was slipped into HR 933, the 240-page spending bill signed by President Barack Obama on March 26. The bill was designed as an emergency measure to prevent a government shutdown, but as it turned out, it also made a pretty good Trojan horse for the biotech industry.
Thursday, February 21,2013

Hickenlooper’s drinking problem

By Joel Dyer
There’s more than one way to lie. You can knowingly offer up false information as truth, or you can offer up little pieces of a story while leaving out other parts of the tale in order to convey a false impression without actually stating an inaccurate fact.
Thursday, February 7,2013

The new era of conspiracy thinking

Why people die when we talk about gun control

By Joel Dyer
I believe there is a darker side to our current gun conversation. The elephant in the room is the impact that the gun control debate is having on the conspiracy-driven anti-government movement.
Thursday, January 31,2013

A 1,000-week conversation

By Joel Dyer
It’s hard for me to believe that Boulder Weekly has gone to press a thousand times. It’s also hard for me to believe that I was here for the very first issue nearly 20 years ago.
Thursday, December 13,2012

Defining the real 'goons' in Boulder's fracking debate

By Joel Dyer
As you may recall, the last Boulder County commissioners meeting got a bit rowdy, as anti-fracking advocates disrupted the meeting with chants and heckling aimed at an Encana employee who came to present commissioners with the industry’s take on things.
Thursday, December 6,2012

Boulder County commissioners: Can you hear us now?

Anti-fracking proponents are turning up the volume, and for good reason

By Joel Dyer
This time around, Boulder County citizens can’t just choose to shop at the local organic clean air and water store and pay a little more to keep their families safe while they carry on the fight with their own county to get it to do what the vast majority of citizens want.
Thursday, November 29,2012

The coming storm of fracking operations in Boulder County

By Joel Dyer
As Boulder County struggles to rewrite its current oil and gas regulations, the petroleum extraction industry has already begun its blitzkrieg of our lands.
Thursday, September 27,2012

For the record, I will be voting in secret

Elections officials insist on numbered ballots, but voters shouldn't have to comply

By Joel Dyer
Well, it’s another first for Boulder County. Or should I say another black eye? When Nov. 6 rolls around, I hear we will be the only county in the nation that won’t be guaranteeing its citizens the right to a secret ballot, or at least that’s what voter privacy activist Marilyn Marks says.
Thursday, September 13,2012

Seth Brigham's legacy

By Joel Dyer
Regardless of whether or not he heads north, everyone in Boulder owes Brigham a debt of gratitude.
Thursday, August 2,2012

State of Colorado bullies Longmont on behalf of oil and gas industry

By Joel Dyer
Longmont city council members knew that the state might sue their community over the new oil and gas regulations that they passed a few weeks back. But it was a risk that they were willing to take in order to protect their town’s residents’ health, property values and overall quality of life.