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Thursday, August 23,2012

2012 Student Guide | Dorm food gourmet

Make healthy and delicious meals with just your microwave

By David Accomazzo
A note to incoming freshmen: Life outside the parental womb is complicated. You might be used to home-cooked meals, rent-free housing, structure and supervision, but all that is about to change as you take your first baby steps into the real world.
Thursday, August 23,2012

2012 Student Guide | A genuine student news alternative to Brand X

Online student media outlet thrives at CU

By Jefferson Dodge
If you grow tired of reading the same few articles written by the same few reporters in the Colorado Daily and its corporate sister papers the Daily Camera, Denver Post and Longmont Times-Call — and you have become weary of the drivel in Rooster — there is an alternative.
Thursday, August 23,2012

2012 Student Guide | It’s your education, choose wisely

High faculty FCQ scores don’t always translate into winning instruction

By Michael Callahan
Amidst all of CU Boulder's diversity, from accounting to Yiddish, there is one constant: the Faculty Course Questionnaire, otherwise known as the FCQ.
Thursday, August 23,2012

2012 Student Guide | Taking the reins in CU Boulder student government

Pulse party works to make changes benefiting students

By Sebastian Murdock
It's important not to equate a university´s student government with the lax, prom-planning responsibilities that high school student governments often handle.
Thursday, August 23,2012

2012 Student Guide | CU students: Your tuition includes...

Take advantage of these free resources

By Jefferson Dodge
Now that you´ve (almost) paid your tuition and fees, there may be things that feel like free services, and you should take full advantage of them.
Thursday, August 23,2012

2012 Student Guide | Who you gonna call?

Navigating the many resources available to CU Boulder students

By Hadley Vandiver
Just because your mom isn’t around to help doesn’t mean you won’t survive. All you really need to know is where to go when it’s time to seek some outside help.
Thursday, February 3,2011

Seeing Stan with one's own eyes

Series spotlights renowned filmmaker and former CU professor Brakhage

By Suranjan Ganguly
It all started with a walk. I had arrived in Boulder the night before for my film studies job interview, and my first official engagement, I was told, would be 'breakfast with Brakhage.' I can't say I slept too well.