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Thursday, March 28,2013

Spring 2013 Boulderganic Introduction

For green thumbs everywhere, this may be the most wonderful time of the year.
Tuesday, September 25,2012

The healing power of frequencies

Sound healers say the right noises can cure what ails you

By David Accomazzo
Past the meticulously manicured yard of Marybeth Keigher’s North Boulder house, surrounded by vibrant flowers and fountains, lies what appears to be a converted guesthouse that now serves as a studio for her acupuncture and sound healing practice.
Tuesday, September 25,2012

Recycle your medication

Disposing of pharmaceuticals the right way

By Adelina Shee
Chemical pollutants from household products and pharmaceuticals that were not disposed of properly have made their way into waterways.
Tuesday, September 25,2012

Mother Nature knows best

Eating seasonal foods may improve your health

By Jessie Lucier
Once upon a time, most people harvested their food directly from the land or sea rather than selecting it from stocked grocery store shelves that bear the same appearance in August as they do in March.
Tuesday, September 25,2012

Doing the splits

For local businesses, ‘split incentive’ sometimes halts energy efficiency

By Steve Weishampel
As the temperature drops, the renters among us crank the heat and curse the landlord who won’t replace those old, leaky windows. But then, why would he? He doesn’t see a penny of savings off his bill, does he?
Tuesday, September 25,2012

How local can you go?

Local sourcing has limits

By Michael Callahan
The bootstrap-pulling, flannel-wearing, trophy buckle-adorned tales of survival and triumph over the elements are a well-loved part of Americana. So does it matter that the leather to make the boots, fabric to make the shirts and metal to make the buckles don’t come from around here?
Tuesday, September 25,2012


The high price of cheap electronics

By Remy Rodriguez
There are costs that consumers aren’t told about at the cash register, and approaching economics environmentally reveals that the price tag often fails to illustrate the true cost of an item.
Tuesday, September 25,2012

Recycling 2.0

Beyond the basics of the bin

By Jefferson Dodge
Hopefully, recycling glass, metal, paper and plastics has become second nature to most of us in Boulder County by now.
Tuesday, September 25,2012

Zero-waste checklist

Here are the top five items that Eco-Cycle recommends taking with you to reduce waste in everyday life

Here are the top five items that Eco-Cycle recommends taking with you to reduce waste in everyday life.
Tuesday, September 25,2012

The artist in everyone, anywhere, from anything

African artist El Anatsui exhibit shows up-cycled art

By Elizabeth Miller
Talk to El Anatsui about the thousands of bottlecaps used in his artwork, and he’s less concerned with the obvious problem — yes, these were garbage headed for landfills that now hang on museum walls — than the issue they represent for his community.