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Thursday, October 31,2013

Eco-briefs | Those emerald shores just might be toxic

By Boulder Weekly Staff
Cyanobacteria, some of the oldest microorganisms on Earth and the bacteria believed to have produced the oxygen that made life possible, are turning against us as they adapt to a changing climate.
Thursday, October 17,2013

Eco-briefs | Driving home your environmental self-image

By Boulder Weekly Staff
Consumers age 60 and older purchase hybrid vehicles to boost self-esteem and image, as well as help the environment, according to a consumer study published in the journal Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing and Service Industries.
Thursday, October 10,2013

Eco-briefs | Save the chubs

By Boulder Weekly Staff
The once abundant Rio Grande chub has declined by as much as 75 percent and disappeared from the main stem of the Rio Grande, prompting WildEarth Guardians to submit a proposal to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to list the Rio Grande chub under the Endangered Species Act.
Thursday, October 3,2013

Eco-briefs | Week of October 03, 2013

By Boulder Weekly Staff
A new solar cell structure has measured an efficiency rating of 44.7 percent, edging out the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s previous record of 43.5 percent.
Thursday, September 26,2013

Eco-briefs | Week of September 26, 2013

By Boulder Weekly Staff
The House Natural Resources Committee held two full committee field hearings in Casper, Wyo., and Billings, Mont., to open discussion with the public about authorizing the Endangered Species Act to protect the sage grouse.
Thursday, September 5,2013

Eco-briefs | The dirty past of European glaciers

By Boulder Weekly Staff
Black carbon dust — soot — from coal burnt to fuel rapid industrialization in Europe is suspected as the cause for rapid glacier retreat in the Alps in the 1860s, during a period the weather was showing cooling temperatures on average, according to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
Thursday, August 22,2013

Eco-briefs | So you're saying there's a chance?

By Boulder Weekly Staff
Climate change scientists have just a 5 percent slice of hope that human industrial flatulence is not warming the planet.
Thursday, August 15,2013

Eco-briefs | GMO documentary to screen at eTown Hall

By Boulder Weekly Staff
The search for food that’s not genetically modified — and answers to why and how genetically altered foods may affect the people who consume them and live near where those crops are grown — drove writer, director and producer Jeremy Seifert to create the feature-length documentary GMO OMG.
Thursday, August 1,2013

Eco-briefs | Artists organize against fracking

By Boulder Weekly Staff
Frack Free Colorado, a collaborative group of organizations hoping to raise awareness of fracking, will team up with Patagonia’s Boulder store to host a gathering at 7:30 p.m. on Aug. 5.
Thursday, July 18,2013

Eco-briefs | Gasland's Josh Fox requests meeting with Obama administration

By Boulder Weekly Staff
Josh Fox, the director of the two-part film series, Gasland and Gasland Part II, on the health, economic and political impacts of fracking, has released an open letter in which he requests a meeting with President Barack Obama’s administration to discuss fracking.