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Thursday, March 14,2013

Eco-briefs | Aerosols from one side of world influence rainfall on the other

By Boulder Weekly Staff
A field study conducted by researchers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the University of California San Diego (UCSD) shows that dust and microorganisms help spur precipitation, which California counts on for its water supply.
Thursday, March 7,2013

Eco-briefs | New University of Colorado study shows biodiversity protects against disease

By Boulder Weekly Staff
The National Geographic Society funded a research project at the University of Colorado that was designed to further understanding of the correlation between biodiversity and disease.
Thursday, February 28,2013

Eco-briefs | Fort Collins bans fracking

Following in the footsteps of Longmont, the Fort Collins City Council voted to approve an initial ban on hydraulic fracturing within city limits.
Thursday, February 21,2013

Eco-briefs | Nuclear sensors could be used to predict tsunamis and track greenhouse gases

By Boulder Weekly Staff
A network of sensors used to track nuclear weapons since the Cold War could be used for environmental monitoring instead, according to a study published in Science last week.
Thursday, February 7,2013

Eco-briefs | Greenlandīs ice cores may map future warming

By Boulder Weekly Staff
A study released by a team of international scientists indicates that Greenland’s ice core layers, which date back 100,000 years, may shed light on the future of global warming.
Thursday, January 24,2013

Eco-briefs | Colorado third among top LEED states

The U.S. Green Building Council has announced the top 10 states for new Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certifications in 2012, and Colorado landed third on the per-capita list.
Thursday, January 17,2013

Eco-briefs | Appeal of BLM drilling projects in Wyoming advances in federal court

An administrative judge at the Interior Board of Land Appeals in Wyoming has ruled against a Bureau of Land Management request to dismiss an appeal filed by the Wyoming Wildlife Federation and the National Wildlife Federation.
Thursday, December 27,2012

Eco-briefs | Groundwater contaminated after fracking fluid leak in Canada

An investigation into a fracking fluid leak near Calgary, in Canada, has confirmed groundwater contamination.
Thursday, December 13,2012

Eco-briefs | Greenpeace continues to detox retailers

The presence of toxins in various clothing brands has met its opposition, and it is growing by the thousands. Greenpeace’s Detox campaign, launched in 2011, was created in an effort to get the fashion industry to eradicate toxins from its products by 2020.
Thursday, November 29,2012

Eco-briefs | New bacterium explains symbiosis with insects

By Boulder Weekly Staff
After a 71-year-old Indiana resident impaled his hand on a dead crab apple tree branch two years ago, it became infected with a previously unknown strain of bacterium.