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Friday, June 21,2013

Want a safer Mt. Everest? Here's how.

Mountain climber Adrian Ballinger, who has summitted Mount Everest six times, says Everest needs to be fixed.
Monday, June 10,2013

Photography camp teaches outdoors photo skills

For the second year, a photography camp in South America will teach both amateur and professional photogs a specific "secret" of the industry: How to take professional ski photographs.
Friday, May 31,2013

Photos: Abandoned island was once most densely populated place on Earth

Off the southeastern coast of Japan, an island formerly used for mining sits abandoned, its last residents having left in 1974.
Tuesday, May 7,2013

Everest fight: Are Sherpas reaching their limit?

A recent fight between Nepalese Sherpas and three European climbers on the slopes of Mt. Everest grabbed headlines, but it's by no means an isolated incident, climbers familiar with the world's tallest peak say.
Monday, April 29,2013

Boulderite in the running for best job ever

By Elizabeth Miller
Ryan Van Duzer hasn’t had a written resume in years. He’s made a living having adventures, making videos of them and giving inspirational talks about the approach to life that has him venturing off the beaten path on a daily basis.
Monday, April 29,2013

Fight between European climbers, Sherpas reported on Mt. Everest

A group of three European climbers has reported a fight between themselves and a group of Sherpa guides on Mount Everest.
Monday, April 29,2013

NBA player becomes first openly gay athlete in US pro sports

Longtime NBA player Jason Collins has come out as gay in an editorial column for Sports Illustrated, becoming the first openly gay athlete in any US team sport.
Monday, April 15,2013

Few Colorado ski resorts still operating see good snow

Most Colorado ski resorts are closed for the year. Too bad the weather doesn't agree that ski season is over.
Tuesday, April 9,2013

Not-so-fresh powder: Russia to store snow for 2014 Olympics

Sochi, Russia gets heavy snow. But when the South Russian city — roughly on the same latitude as central Wyoming and upstate New York — hosts the Olympics next year, it wants to be darn sure it's got the powder for it.
Monday, April 8,2013

Facing sequestration, local funding steps in to plow Yellowstone National Park

If you're ever in Cody, Wyo., just ask for Wild Bob. And tell him, and a lot of others in Cody, thanks for pitching in.