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Monday, October 1,2012

Roundup: Upgrades to Colo., Wyo. ski areas for 2012-2013

What's the second-largest ski resort in Colorado? Who knows?
Wednesday, September 26,2012

Wounded veterans summit Denali

Five wounded veterans participated in a Department of the Interior program to summit Denali, the highest peak in North America.
Tuesday, September 25,2012

Arapahoe Basin offering two-season ski pass for $499

Colorado ski area Arapahoe Basin is breaking out a new pass concept predicated on a crazy idea: People who like skiing now might continue to like skiing in the future.
Monday, September 24,2012

New sport snow-kiting blamed for reindeer fear

You might never have heard of the sport of snow-kiting, but you've certainly heard of Santa's helpers. And reindeer across Norway freaking hate the new snow sport.
Friday, September 21,2012

Photo gallery: Incredible images from the British Wildlife Photography Awards

The British Wildlife Photography Awards for 2012 have been announced, and they are incredible.
Wednesday, September 19,2012

Video: Longmont SUV driver blares horn incessantly at cyclists

A Longmont-area driver appears in a recent YouTube video honking his horn repeatedly at two cyclists who are doing their best to stay to the very edge of a two-lane road.
Tuesday, September 18,2012

Access Fund: 'Egregious' illegal climbing at Joshua Tree

The Access Fund, one of climbing's most prominent organizations dedicated to keeping climbing areas open, says it narrowly averted a shutdown of climbing in Joshua Tree National Park in California.
Monday, September 17,2012

Remembering California free soloist John Rosendahl

John Rosendahl, a free solo rock climber who kept climbing after a spinal fusion surgery and climbed well into his 40s, passed away last week in California.
Tuesday, September 11,2012

British climbers unite to oppose Scottish wind farm plans

A large wind farm project in Scotland has rallied some opposition among a rather unlikely group: hikers, climbers and mountaineers from across the British isles.
Tuesday, September 11,2012

Texas hiker found after almost 2 days on Mt. Massive

A hiker from Texas was rescued after nearly 48 hours on Mt. Massive in Lake County, hitching a ride down the slope while "near death," the county's emergency manager said.