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Thursday, September 10,2015

The narrative of music

Boulder Philharmonic 2015-16 season opens

By Peter Alexander
The Boulder Philharmonic’s 2015–16 season is titled “Reflections: The Spirit of Boulder,” but the orchestra will open the season by telling stories. The season’s opening concert under music director Michael Butterman will be at 7 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 13, in Macky Auditorium — a departure from the orchestra’s standard 7:30 p.m. Saturday concert dates.
Thursday, September 10,2015

The lonely blue

Justin Hayward goes it solo

By L. Kent Wolgamott
Justin Hayward has a featured position in the Moody Blues, as singer, guitarist and main songwriter. But one thing has prompted him to return to making solo albums and play solo shows when his band is not on tour — the Moody Blues are no longer making it a priority to do albums of new music.
Thursday, September 10,2015

All in due time

Trevor Hall discusses his new album and surrendering to ‘Mother Earth’

By Lauren Archuletta
You can’t rush your healing, darkness has its teaching and love is never leaving.” Sitting on a bench in the middle of Pearl Street, I prepared for my interview with Trevor Hall by listening to his new mellow, acoustic album, KALA. Of all of the songs, these lyrics seemed to resonate within me, and I tried to apply his lyrics to my life, wondering what could have possibly inspired this word selection. Despite all the preparation I did before speaking with him, I abandoned the idea of sequential questioning when my phone rang, and I asked him exactly what was on my mind instead.
Thursday, September 10,2015

Coming home again

Danny Shafer puts out a new record on the two-year anniversary of losing his Lyons home in the flood

By Amanda Moutinho
When the disastrous flood of 2013 ripped through Lyons, local musician Danny Shafer and his family had to immediately evacuate their home, escaping in just enough time to grab pets and Shafer’s guitar. That same guitar graces the cover of Shafer’s fifth solo album Weddings, Floods and Funerals. The album, which, coincidentally, came out on the two-year anniversary of losing his home, is the result of the hard work Shafer did putting his life back together.
Thursday, September 3,2015


A clarinet and a Chapman Stick, a guitar/bass hybrid, might seem like an unlikely partnership. But when meshed together by Flint Blade and Alison “Honeydew” Murphy, the music produced is head-bopping good time. The sound is a bit psychedelic, kind of peaceful, yet ominous and a little edgy.
Thursday, September 3,2015

Trust fall into the audience

Mary Lambert asks her fans to be present

By Amanda Moutinho
Music has always been an important part of Mary Lambert’s life. Her mom was a songwriter, and since she was 6 years old she can remember writing songs as a way to escape the harsh realities of abuse she was living through. “It’s a blessing to have that lesson as a child — here’s a coping mechanism that isn’t harmful,” she says. “Here’s this outlet that’s actually beneficial and can be of good, where you’re not internalizing abuse. You’re not making it a cycle within your own life. You’re putting it into something that is cathartic and healing. I’m grateful that I learned how to do that really early on or else I don’t think I’d be alive.”
Thursday, September 3,2015

We've got the jazz

By Sam Routhier
If you want to become a movie star, you should move to Los Angeles. If you’re hoping to get your country music career off the ground, pack your bags for Nashville. But what if you want to be a jazz musician? New York? San Francisco? What about Boulder?
Thursday, August 27,2015


Before the countrywide tour and the critically-acclaimed debut album, the Watkins Family Hour was just a monthly show in L.A. for musicians to come let loose.
Thursday, August 27,2015


Boulder, prepare to thrash. Since 1982, Dirty Rotten Imbeciles, or D.R.I., have been paving the way for punk and thrash bands with their hardcore selections.
Thursday, August 27,2015

Press any key to continue

Starset’s Dustin Bates on playing under a dome, putting off the degree and why his band isn’t an ‘X-Files’ episode in disguise

By Dave Kirby
After more than a year of interviews and a handful of tantalizingly oblique online manifestos aligned with the mission of a shadowy group called The Starset Society, Dustin Bates, lead singer and concepteur behind the Columbus, Ohio-based quartet Starset, wants everything to be clear.