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Thursday, December 15,2011

A double dose of holiday hilarity

BETC and the Avenue Theater give the gift of laughter

By Gary Zeidner
’Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the town, some people were up while others were down. Some loved the snow and the cold and the lights; some felt the whole thing just wasn’t right. Whether this time of year makes you joyful or crass, the holidays can be one big pain in the ass. So take a quick break from the candles and bows, and enjoy a guffaw from these thespian pros.
Thursday, December 8,2011

Local performance artist honored

Versatile CU professor awarded $50,000 grant

By Steve Weishampel
It’s unclear exactly what stood out in Michelle Ellsworth’s repertoire. There’s a lot to choose from. United States Artists (USA) calls Ellsworth a “dancer, choreographer, video maker, writer, cartoonist and web designer,” to which one could add professor and co-director of CU Boulder’s theater and dance program.
Monday, December 5,2011

Boulder dancer, professor receives $50,000 grant

Artist’s performance websites recognized by national association

By Steve Weishampel
Considering how many hats she wears, it’s unclear exactly what stood out in Michelle Ellsworth’s repertoire. But something caught the attention of United States Artists (USA), a nonprofit that has selected the Boulder artist to receive a $50,000 unrestricted grant.
Thursday, November 17,2011

A thriller in the second degree

Nothing is what it seems in Devil’s Thumb’s latest

By Gary Zeidner
Experiencing a theater company for the first time is very much like going on a blind date. High hopes compete with trepidation. The possibilities are limitless. You might discover your soul mate, or you could end up with a hefty tab and a nasty case of crabs. Thankfully, my first go around with Devil’s Thumb Productions, a relatively new Boulder troupe, was much more the former than the latter. She may not be my soul mate, but I’d definitely ask her out again.
Thursday, October 27,2011

Sight, sound, mind and mirth

Serling survives and thrives in Lafayette

By Gary Zeidner
With all the horrors that surround us daily, what a gift is laughter? The folks at the Theater Company of Lafayette (TCL) seem to know that it’s the best medicine, for they have brought forth the eighth iteration of their much-beloved tribute to one of the staples of TV’s bygone years with "Return to the Twilight Zone, A Parody."
Friday, October 21,2011

Colorado history revealed

Theater troupe performs a people's history of Colorado

By Steve Weishampel
When people say “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it,” it’s meant to be a bad thing. Note the word “doomed.” But for those involved in the upcoming
Thursday, October 20,2011

Philately attraction

Angry people fight over stamps

By Gary Zeidner
Did you know that Mauritius is a tiny island just east of Madagascar? Neither did I. That Mauritius was the sole, native home of the now extinct Dodo bird, and that Mauritius was only the fifth country ever to issue postage stamps, were also facts that had, until now, eluded me.
Thursday, October 6,2011

Where the rubber meets the stage

A world premiere from NYC at BDT

By Gary Zeidner
It´s human nature to want to be first. From something as simple as two friends on a morning jog to the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union, people are driven to outstrip the next guy. It’s hardwired. It’s why both joggers push a wee bit harder with each passing mile until they’re sprinting the final block home.
Thursday, September 22,2011

Shades of grey

A Pulitzer Prize-winning play, Clybourne Park packs a punch

By Gary Zeidner
For that reason alone, I encourage all you overwhelmingly white, privileged, sheltered Boulderites to get out of the bubble and make the trek down to Denver for a performance of Clybourne Park. Continuing its tradition of bringing intelligent, challenging plays to the stage, the Curious Theatre Company opens its 14th season with the regional premiere of Bruce Norris’ 2011 Pulitzer Prize-winning examination of racial issues both in contemporary America and in its more, er, black-and-white past.
Thursday, September 15,2011

Funny business

The versatile Seth Meyers brings one part of his act to Boulder

By David Accomazzo
Seth Meyers is living the dream. The 37-year-old New Hampshire native has an impressive résumé, starting with his tenure as a cast member and head writer on Saturday Night Live, and leading to his stints hosting the ESPYs and performing after President Barack Obama at this spring’s White House Press Correspondents’ Dinner. Throw in the occasional acting gig, and he says his current career situation is “perfect.”