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Thursday, October 23,2014

Word Games

Chuck Palahniuk wants to play pajama dodgeball with you

By Josh Gross
“I had shipped all of these severed arms to throw into the audience, and it was in Boulder that I realized that I was touring a day right behind Aron Ralston, who had written about cutting his arm off,” Palahniuk says. “And the Boulder Book Store people had opened my cases of arms and thought they were props for him.
Thursday, October 9,2014

Words | Week of Oct. 9, 2014

Innisfree: Jack Kerouac School [Dis]embodied Poetics Conference: Writing Thinking Being Off-Site Reading..
Thursday, October 9,2014


The 2001 death of professional hockey player Derek Boogaard sparked a major discussion on the issue of violence and concussions in contact sports.
Thursday, October 2,2014

Words | Week of Oct. 2, 2014

Innisfree: The Voice of the Butterfly: Poems and Lyrics of the Scottish Independence Movement..
Thursday, September 25,2014

Words | Week of Sept 25, 2014

Circle of Care’s Intergenerational Voices Open Mic..
Thursday, September 18,2014

Words | Week of Sept 18, 2014

5 p.m. Tattered Cover Book Store, 2526 E. Colfax Ave., Denver, 303-322-7727..
Thursday, September 18,2014


Bill Ayers is one of the founding members of the 1960’s radical revolutionary group the Weather Underground. The group acted to show their opposition to the Vietnam War using violent demonstrations, including deadly bombings and riots. Today, Ayers continues to face vilification from conservative groups.
Thursday, September 11,2014

Words | Week of Sept 11, 2014

Innisfree: Weekly Open Poetry Reading..
Thursday, September 11,2014

Scientifically funny

Local authors travel the world searching for a unified theory of comedy

By Josh Gross
But the duo were not just in search of comedy itself, they were doing research on McGraw’s theory of why things are funny, something he calls the “benign violation” theory, simply described as “the idea that humor arises when something seems wrong or threatening, but is simultaneously OK or safe.
Thursday, September 4,2014

Words | Week of Sept. 4, 2014

1203 13th St., Suite A, Boulder, 303-495-3303..