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Thursday, May 27,2010

Baseball in the summer

Two new books illuminate the nuances of the national pastime

By Adam Perry
Although the team is currently struggling just to hover near .500, not much in Colorado says summer like the Rockies.
Thursday, April 29,2010

The (nearly) lost art of sportswriting a proud tradition soldiers on

By Adam Perry
What Mark Twain (himself a sometime-sportswriter) called 'games,' and we now call 'sports,' has captivated people from every intellectual, social and economic category in the last century and helps maintain sanity (as long as you don't think about mind-boggling modern details like $30 million-a-year contracts) in our current times.
Thursday, April 22,2010

Natural-born talent? Author sheds new light on nature-nurture debate

By Adam Perry
To the adults I met as a child, a person's capacity for achievement could be decided at around age 6 or 7 by a simple equation: genes environment, or 'nature nurture.' Given an extra dose of more expansive learning by dynamic teachers, they thought, a 'gifted' child could metaphorically grow from a caterpillar into a butterfly.
Thursday, April 8,2010

Cross-Collaboration: Band teams up with author for mixed-media event

By Gene Ira Katz
"[We're] bringing in [author] Peter Conners, who is a long-time collaborator, with me and other members of the band, in songwriting and [other things], and what we're going to do is take Peter's literary sense of things and throw it into the mix with the band," Weiner says.
Tuesday, March 2,2010

David Foster Wallace: An American literary great revealed

By Ben Corbett
“It sounded like the voice that I thought in,” says David Lipsky about the captivating literary style of novelist and essayist David Foster Wallace. “Which of course is what you’re trying to do as a writer. And he’d done it! It was amazing! I was so thrilled. I faxed it and copied it and forced it on people, the way I’m forcing it on you now. Everyone I know was doing that. You’d go to any party and people were talking about him.”
Wednesday, February 24,2010

Author Christy Reece walked away from her day job to launch a writing career

By Pamela White
After 18 years of working the same job, most of us might consign ourselves to our workaday fate. Not Christy Reece. When she realized she didn’t enjoy her job, she decided to do something about it. She sat down and wrote a novel and then another and another. Now she’s a successful author with four titles to her name, an up-and-coming star in the world of romantic suspense, a hybrid genre that combines romantic fiction with elements of a thriller. Boulder Weekly tracked Reece down at her home in Alabama and talked to her about her books and the courage it takes to walk away from your job and start a new career.
Monday, January 18,2010

A tweet look at the literary classics

By Ryan Casey
"Twitterature," a 208-page work of two University of Chicago freshmen, looks at more than 80 classics of literature through the eye of the Twitter. And it rocks.
Thursday, January 14,2010

A peek into the latest novel from author Mark Behr

By Adam Perry
In Santa Fe, I had a chance to hear 46-year-old College of Santa Fe (CSF) Professor Mark Behr, a Tanzanian-born novelist and essayist, read from his new book Kings of the Water at the O’Shaughnessy Performance Space on the CSF campus.
Thursday, December 24,2009

One couple's exploration of the best brewpubs in Colorado

By Margaret Grondorf
When Kathy and Lee Hayward took their final bows and said goodbye to the teaching profession almost two years ago, instead of staying at home and driving each other nuts, they decided to embark on a one-year road trip in their RV, visiting different towns throughout Colorado.
Monday, December 7,2009

Aussie author Anna Campbell defies the boundaries of historical romance

By Pamela White
It’s every writer’s dream. You write the best book you can, sell it to the publishing company of your dreams and quit the day job to pen fiction all day. For Australian writer Anna Campbell, this dream is her reality.