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Wednesday, November 25,2015

Saving Sauternes

By David White
Olivier Bernard knows Bordeaux. Born there in 1960, Bernard has spent his entire life in the region — and worked in the wine industry since 1978 when he opened a small wine shop. In 1983, he took over the operations at Domaine de Chevalier after his family purchased the historic estate in Pessac- Léognan. And he has been president of the Union des Grands Cru, the promotional body for Bordeaux’s top producers, since 2012.
Thursday, November 19,2015


Colorado winemakers rejoice after a great growing season

By Matt Cortina
The previous two years of wine production in Colorado were poor. There was some doubt many of the vineyards and farms in Colorado’s high country, along the Colorado River, would recover this year. However, this year brought optimal growing weather for nearly all of the state’s producers, and Boulder County wineries are excited about the rebound.
Thursday, November 12,2015

Every dog has its day

SKEYE Brewing creates a unique, casual environment in its tap house

By Matt Cortina
As far as drinking buddies go, they don’t come much better than Tobias. He’s always at the bar at SKEYE Brewing in Longmont. As I get deeper into the flight of seven house beers and grow untidy, he’s spilling his drink all over the floor, too. And he doesn’t say a lot but he listens.
Thursday, October 29,2015

Bordeaux’s hidden gems

By David White
Fortunately, four close friends shared my interest in wine. So we gathered at my house to explore the wines of France. Each attendee was tasked with purchasing a $35 to $50 bottle from Champagne, Burgundy or the Rhône Valley. I volunteered to spend $135 on a “trophy” wine from Bordeaux.
Thursday, October 22,2015

In wine, accidental stars abound

By David White
Born to Run, the album that catapulted Bruce Springsteen into the national spotlight, celebrated its 40th anniversary last month. Springsteen fanatics love sharing the story behind the album. The Boss released two records in 1973, and although critics praised both, they flopped. So Springsteen’s third effort was, quite literally, his last chance. As Springsteen biographer Peter Ames Carlin once explained, “Columbia [Records] gave Bruce and the band just enough money to produce one song to show he could make great singles and prove the next album would be worth making. That’s why [the band] took six months on ‘Born to Run.’ Every single note had to be perfect, otherwise they knew they would be going back to Asbury Park empty-handed.”
Thursday, October 15,2015

In with the old

An ancient grape emerges in Spain’s bobal

By Matt Cortina
At a recent wine tasting in Boulder, there was a rarity being poured. We were all assured of it. The wine was made from 100 percent bobal grapes, a red varietal that is rarely seen in the U.S. on its own and is often used in blends.
Thursday, October 8,2015

Autumn alternates

Outside of pumpkin and Oktoberfest, what beers should you be drinking this fall?

By Matt Cortina
Like the leaves on the trees outside, beer aisles have turned orange over the last few weeks with every Tom, Dick and Harry’s take on pumpkin beer. I’ve got nothing against pumpkin beer and enjoy it to excess like everyone else, but the ubiquity of the variety seems to overshadow any number of excellent autumnal beer makes and models.
Thursday, October 1,2015

The dead travel smashed

A handy guide to costume/drink pairings this Halloween season

By Chris Krovatin
People who blow off Halloween as a kids’ holiday are doing it wrong. A celebration of darkness, madness and, most of all, excess, All Hallows Eve is as much about swinging from the rafters as it is about going from door to door. And isn’t getting a little sloshed always more fun when everyone’s dressed like monsters and cartoon characters?.
Thursday, September 24,2015


Combining pumpkin spice and bitters at home to make something useful

By Matt Cortina
The short answer is that we do it on a case-by-case basis. Butter coffee combined with a trendy restaurant concept (as seen in this week’s cuisine review) is good. Posting photos of avocado on toast on Instagram is bad (and also the sign of the apocalypse in Etruscan lore).
Thursday, September 17,2015

Affordable Burgundy isn’t an oxymoron

By David White
If any grape demands contemplation, it’s pinot noir. The great bottles are able to translate time and place, clearly expressing the characteristics of their vintage and the soils and climate in which they’re grown. The greatest examples almost always come from Burgundy, Pinot Noir’s birthplace.