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Wednesday, July 3,2013

Going hopless

Nederland's two breweries prompt a dictionary consultation

By Steve Weishampel
Even on the last leg of our Boulder County beer tour — a trip up to Nederland to visit both Wild Mountain and Very Nice breweries — we’re learning something new, courtesy of Very Nice co-owner Susan Green.
Thursday, June 27,2013

You can’t escape FATE

On a return trip, we try the originals, including watermelon ale

By Steve Weishampel
"Do they still have the watermelon?” Jeff asks excitedly. They do. Decision made.
Tuesday, June 18,2013

Crafty crafting

Quality — and quiet — are top values at Kettle & Stone

By Steve Weishampel
“If you’re gonna do it, you do it right,” Huber says at one point in the tour of the brewery. It’s a theme that Kettle & Stone seems dedicated to.
Thursday, June 13,2013

Five hours of sour

Boulder SourFest highlights fan-favorite style in all its rarity

By Steve Weishampel
On the heels of last week’s sugary-sweet trip to Wild Woods, things turned sour. Avery Brewing Company once again hosted the Boulder SourFest, a massive, packed and tart five-hour celebration of the nation’s sourest brews.
Thursday, June 6,2013

A walk in the Woods

Wild Woods Brewery simulates the great outdoors

By Steve Weishampel
We aren’t quite done yet, but it’s hard not to think of Wild Woods Brewery as dessert.
Thursday, May 23,2013

Summer of suds

New breweries opening across the county

By Steve Weishampel
Boulder County’s craft beer explosion isn’t done yet — or that’s the assumption for the owners of a new wave of breweries-in-planning that are shooting to open this year. We count at least eight breweries that have made some degree of progress toward opening.
Thursday, May 16,2013

Extra special

West Flanders joins craft brewers specializing in one style

By Steve Weishampel
West Flanders is in this bold new group of breweries that’s making a specialty out of a particular style. While the recent addition to Boulder’s beer scene does produce an IPA, a stout, a pale ale and a few other standards, it’s all about the Belgians here. When we stop by for a Monday lunch, there are four Belgian styles on tap, along with actual Belgians from actual Belgium in bottles and on a guest tap.
Thursday, May 9,2013

Brewery burnout

The crew begins to wear down at Walnut

By Steve Weishampel
At some point, I think we all lost the ability to identify beer flavors.
Thursday, May 2,2013

A column about beer

At Upslope, we learn the value of plain names

By Steve Weishampel
Savor, dear readers, the rare industry that doesn’t require constant branding and marketing. There are tons of opportunity for branding in the craft beer industry, of course, but there isn’t a pathological need for it like with cars or cookies or coffee or most everything you can think of.
Thursday, April 25,2013

The cucumber crisis

Salad/beer mashup from Twisted Pine inspires, alleviates fear

By Steve Weishampel
But when Baile came by, we couldn’t help but ask whether the Cucumber Cream Ale was ready. Soon it was sitting in front of us, and I was, as I said, filled with fear, dread and doubt. And you thought writing about beer trips was all fun and games.