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Thursday, January 15,2015

National news finally taking cannabis legalization seriously

By Leland Rucker
“I think even after the election, if I’d had a magic wand, and I could wave the wand, I probably would’ve reversed it and had the initiative fail,” he admitted to Whitaker. “But now I look at it, and I think we’ve made a lot of progress. I think we might actually create a system that can work.
Thursday, January 8,2015

Honoring Colorado’s early cannabis entrepreneurs

By Leland Rucker
There’s a lot of talk these days about cannabis and big business. Corporate entities, cigarette companies and other greedy, moneyed interests, the reasoning goes, are poised to swoop in and kill off the local folks who built the cannabis industry and turn it into just another corporate product.
Wednesday, December 31,2014

After a year, it appears that legalization might just work

By Leland Rucker
It’s hard to believe that it’s been one full year since retail cannabis shops opened, and two full years that cannabis has been legal in Colorado. So much has happened, but the best news of all is that, all things considered, the experiment seems to be working.
Thursday, December 18,2014

Trying to grok Congress and cannabis

By Leland Rucker
It’s impossible to understand the labyrinthine rhyme or reason behind any part of the Goliath spending bill passed by Congress to keep the government running another year.
Thursday, December 11,2014

Could there be an agency more inept than the DEA?

By Leland Rucker
Yes, you read that right. Let it settle in for a minute. Most of the cannabis used in the United States over the last decades has come from south of the border. Anyone who has used cannabis over the years remembers Mexican marijuana: Seedy, not a lot of buds or very strong, but plentiful and cheap.
Thursday, December 4,2014

Finally, some cannabis research worth waiting for

By Leland Rucker
The state’s Public Health Department is recommending more than $7 million in grant money for eight studies centered on research into both the safety of cannabis and the possibilities for its use as a treatment for symptoms of various ailments and diseases.
Monday, December 1,2014

How one congressman could stop DC decriminalization

By Leland Rucker
The District of Columbia intends to offer Initiative 71, its recent law decriminalizing marijuana possession, to the new Congress as soon as it is seated. The resolution was passed by almost 70 percent of District voters (which should give the new Congress some indication of what people closest to them think of the government-sponsored Drug War).
Thursday, November 20,2014

Weed gets the votes; pot sales fall; edibles in confusion

By Leland Rucker
It should be no surprise that the working group tasked with coming up with a recommendation to the legislature about how cannabis edibles should be marked ended after four sessions and no consensus.
Thursday, November 13,2014

‘Dude, I think this whole town is high’

By Leland Rucker
One of the rules to be reviewed currently doesn’t allow retail shops to sell any marijuana-related merchandising.
Thursday, November 6,2014

Is the cannabis dialogue out of control?

By Leland Rucker
I had read the stories about the license plates. The profiling of Colorado drivers. Especially when using Interstate 76, the highway that connects Colorado to Interstate 80 in Nebraska.