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Thursday, February 26,2015

Safe Streets Alliance wants cannabis back with criminals

By Leland Rucker
About the time you think things couldn’t get any crazier in the American crazyquilt approach to cannabis: Last Thursday two lawsuits were filed against the state of Colorado to shut down legal marijuana, alleging that all legal marijuana businesses are illegal under the federal racketeering act. The next day, two U.S. congressmen introduced bills that would set up a regulatory approach to cannabis on a federal level.
Thursday, February 19,2015

CU researchers find no correlation between cannabis and brain changes

By Leland Rucker
One of the main cannabis prohibition memes these days is based around some recent studies that suggest that cannabis use produces physical changes in the brain. This one really caught fire after The Journal of Neuroscience published research last spring from a Harvard/Northwestern report that scanned the brains of 40 students, half who used cannabis and half who didn’t, and found volume, shape and density changes in two brain areas involved with emotion and motivation.
Thursday, February 12,2015

The Obama drug war budget and the definition of insanity

By Leland Rucker
The words were encouraging, especially coming from the surgeon general of the United States. “We have some preliminary data showing that for certain medical conditions and symptoms that marijuana can be helpful.
Thursday, February 5,2015

State health report looks at the negatives of cannabis use

By Leland Rucker
“Monitoring Health Concerns Related to Marijuana in Colorado: 2014 Changes in Marijuana Use Patterns, Systematic Literature Review, and Possible Marijuana-Related Health Effects” is mandated as part of Senate Bill 13-283, which demanded a health report to be finished at the end of January 2015 and updated every two years.
Thursday, January 29,2015

Wyoming keeps cannabis possession criminal

By Leland Rucker
But not all state legislators are ready to make that move. In a floor vote last week, the Wyoming house killed Bill 49. Sponsor Jim Byrd, a Cheyenne Democrat, wanted the state to turn cannabis possession cases into civil offenses: Fine anybody with up to a half ounce $50 and anybody with a half ounce to an ounce $100.
Thursday, January 22,2015

Creating a national cannabis brand might be harder than you think

By Leland Rucker
I ran across several stories about Bethenny Frankel, a reality show personality, who, after apparently being spotted coming out of an Aspen dispensary and tweeting her delight at the experience, is rumored to be wanting to cash in on the cannabis business.
Thursday, January 15,2015

National news finally taking cannabis legalization seriously

By Leland Rucker
“I think even after the election, if I’d had a magic wand, and I could wave the wand, I probably would’ve reversed it and had the initiative fail,” he admitted to Whitaker. “But now I look at it, and I think we’ve made a lot of progress. I think we might actually create a system that can work.
Thursday, January 8,2015

Honoring Colorado’s early cannabis entrepreneurs

By Leland Rucker
There’s a lot of talk these days about cannabis and big business. Corporate entities, cigarette companies and other greedy, moneyed interests, the reasoning goes, are poised to swoop in and kill off the local folks who built the cannabis industry and turn it into just another corporate product.
Wednesday, December 31,2014

After a year, it appears that legalization might just work

By Leland Rucker
It’s hard to believe that it’s been one full year since retail cannabis shops opened, and two full years that cannabis has been legal in Colorado. So much has happened, but the best news of all is that, all things considered, the experiment seems to be working.
Thursday, December 18,2014

Trying to grok Congress and cannabis

By Leland Rucker
It’s impossible to understand the labyrinthine rhyme or reason behind any part of the Goliath spending bill passed by Congress to keep the government running another year.