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Thursday, November 13,2014

‘Dude, I think this whole town is high’

By Leland Rucker
One of the rules to be reviewed currently doesn’t allow retail shops to sell any marijuana-related merchandising.
Thursday, November 6,2014

Is the cannabis dialogue out of control?

By Leland Rucker
I had read the stories about the license plates. The profiling of Colorado drivers. Especially when using Interstate 76, the highway that connects Colorado to Interstate 80 in Nebraska.
Thursday, October 30,2014

Move over, Ebola: What you should panic about this week

By Cecelia Gilboy
Several major news outlets (including Fox and CBS) recently claimed that Colorado-based CB Scientific designed a product for parents to test Halloween candy for marijuana. That’s not accurate, says CB Scientific co-founder Derek Lebahn. His company actually developed these testkits for medical patients and plant breeders. They released them in September. Lebahn contacted a local CBS reporter, but he wasn’t interested.
Thursday, October 23,2014

High anxiety: The state of a highly regulated industry

By Cecelia Gilboy
John Caraluzzi, an owner of Trill Alternatives, says his employees spend almost 50 hours a month documenting plant waste. Alcohol producers, he notes, don’t have to document every drop they spill. He mentions a local brewery with a neighboring warehouse.
Thursday, October 16,2014

My cannabis poll is better than yours

The inherent bias of polls makes them meaningless

By Leland Rucker
Next time you read or watch a news story about a survey or poll, stop reading or turn it off. It doesn’t mean anything. It won’t help you understand anything. You’re better off watching videos of parkouring goats.
Thursday, October 9,2014

Jonathan Singer an unlikely cannabis advocate

By Leland Rucker
“If someone had told me in 2011 that three years later I would be running for re-election for a seat I didn’t have,” Singer, who rebelled in high school by not using cannabis, said recently. “Or that by the end of my second year that I would have helped pass a statewide tax increase on legal marijuana, I would have laughed at them.
Thursday, October 2,2014

Eric Holder’s mixed record on cannabis reform

By Leland Rucker
Eric Holder tendered his resignation last week, though he will stay in office until a successor is chosen for the attorney general position. Given congressional inertia on presidential nominees, he could still fill out Obama’s term, so I’m not holding my breath.
Thursday, September 25,2014

A cannabis ad campaign designed to educate, not frighten

By Leland Rucker
New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd took some serious shit earlier this year for a piece she wrote about her scary experience in a Denver hotel room after an overdose of cannabis edibles. She was mocked for being stupid, for not reading the packaging, for not waiting long enough before eating more. And of being sanctimonious and selfrighteous about it, too.
Thursday, September 18,2014

Are you the next Colorado marijuana millionaire?

By Leland Rucker
One of those statistics we’ll probably never learn definitively is how many people have ideas running through their heads right now that they think will make big money in Colorado Kush. Perhaps you do.
Thursday, September 11,2014

Opioids, cannabis, scientists and money, lots of it

By Leland Rucker
As Americans seek more relief from pain and companies come up with ever-stronger drugs to ease discomfort, so do mortality rates rise for the growing number of patients who use opioid pain relievers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 46 people a day die from opioid overdoses.