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Thursday, July 25,2013

Getting high goes high-tech

By Cecelia Gilboy
You still smoke weed? That’s adorable. How quaint. Boulder’s more dedicated stoners rarely smoke actual marijuana. They smoke “oil.” (Oil also goes by wax, butter, shatter and unusual spellings like “errl.”)
Thursday, July 18,2013

Gateway drugs, Dutch coffee shops and tax revenue

By Leland Rucker
How many times have you heard the argument that cannabis should remain illegal because it is a “gateway” drug, described as one that increases the risk that a user might try other, harder drugs?
Thursday, July 11,2013

Pot by the numbers: 50 ways to look at marijuana

By Leland Rucker
1. 5,187,582 - Population of Colorado in 2012. 2. 1,383,140 - Number of Coloradans who voted for Amendment 64 in 2012.
Wednesday, July 3,2013

Could Boulder price itself out of the pot market?

By Leland Rucker
I support taxes on sales of marijuana, but I’m scratching my head a little over the latest proposal before the Boulder City Council to place a 15 percent city excise tax on grow and infusion facilities and a 10 percent city sales tax on marijuana on the November ballot.
Thursday, June 27,2013

Getting over the hump about hemp

By Leland Rucker
If you’re interested in the ways and means of federal policy-making, it’s 10 minutes well worth watching. If it weren’t showing the leaders who make major decisions in our country, it would be much funnier.
Thursday, June 20,2013

The $3 billion rathole that is the war on marijuana

By Leland Rucker
Among the reasons I voted for Amendment 64 was that I was tired of people being arrested and sent to prison for simple possession of marijuana.
Thursday, June 13,2013

Emergency rule keeps cannabis magazines on the shelves

By Leland Rucker
Probably the strangest paragraph in Colorado’s first attempt to regulate marijuana was the one that stipulated that “magazines whose primary focus is marijuana or marijuana businesses are only sold in retail marijuana stores or behind the counter in establishments where persons under 21 years of age are present.”
Thursday, June 6,2013

Forget Big Tobacco; Big Marijuana wants to be part of the .bong boom

By Leland Rucker
There has been a persistent rumor, dating back to the 1960s and 1970s, that cigarette companies have been plotting to take over the marijuana industry, were it ever legalized. It’s still around and probably holds on because it doesn’t seem that unreasonable — if they can grow and sell tobacco, they can grow and sell pot, right?
Thursday, May 30,2013

Is this really the best the White House drug czar can come up with?

By Leland Rucker
Basically, the White House “study” found that one-fourth of criminals in the study had marijuana in their systems. Kerlikowske infers that the marijuana had a causal effect on the crimes. He made clear in the speech that if it’s up to him, federal policies against marijuana will continue, with legalization not an option.
Thursday, May 23,2013

How will I know if I’m one toke over the line?

By Leland Rucker
Although I’m generally encouraged about the rules and regulations passed by the Colorado Legislature to regulate marijuana like alcohol this month, the rule that still bothers me allows a jury to infer that someone whose blood level shows five nanograms of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) per milliliter to be impaired or intoxicated.