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Thursday, March 25,2010

Following the strands

By Barbara Byrnes-Lenarcic
Ropes are embedded in Becker's psyche. As a child growing up in Kansas, Becker remembers the fire escape rope coiled up in her bedroom nook, ready to use for a quick getaway. Nautical knots meander in Becker's mind when she recalls her sailing days.
Thursday, March 18,2010

Community first, near and abroad

By April Charmaine
This is the philosophy of Haitian-born Boulderite Rico Changeux, dancer and owner of Streetside Dance Studio. His philanthropic spirit is one of practice and consistency, believing in his students' desires and dreams, believing that youth need real skills to be productive and successful citizens in the world.
Thursday, February 25,2010

Revisiting Modernism

By Barbara Byrnes-Lenarcic
Landscapes of shapes. Aspen groves minus trees. Angled bedrooms. In Modernism Revisited, Denver artists Tracy Felix, Sushe Felix and Susan Cooper fracture the familiar for a fresh view of the Colorado mountains, nature and life.
Thursday, February 11,2010

Boulder's Afro-Brazilian dance scene comes to life

By April Charmaine
Dancing with beings seen and unseen, connecting with nature, culture, and activism are all a part of what you may find in one of the Brazilian dance offerings in Boulder. Ask anyone what the word Afro-Brazilian means and you will surely hear a concoction of definitions, a melting pot of meanings which all are based on the idea that the Afro-Brazilian is a Brazilian-born black person — which in itself turns out to be a diluted classification.
Thursday, January 7,2010

Jewish artists show off wares at Judaica art show

By Barbara Byrnes-Lenarcic
Boulder Arts & Crafts Gallery is continuing the Hanukkah celebration with artworks that highlight the Jewish heritage. The 16th Annual Judaica Show features menorahs, sparkling jewelry, hand-colored prints, mezuzot and festival ware crafted by artists from around the country. On view through Jan. 10, a portion of the proceeds from the sales will be donated to the Boulder Jewish Community Center.
Thursday, December 17,2009

2,600-year-old Buddhist relics make a stop in Boulder

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno
Some of the foundational beliefs of Buddhism are peace and lovingkindness among all living things. For the past 30 years or so the Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso has been spreading this message in the Western world with hopes of inspiring and making changes worldwide. But with the Dalai Lama’s announcement of semi-retirement in 2008, the spread of the Buddhist message rests in the hands of other Buddhist leaders.
Thursday, December 3,2009

Collections of Navajo rugs tell stories of life, myth

By Barbara Byrnes-Lenarcic
Whimsical animals, zigags, birds and plants woven into Navajo rugs tell stories through silence. Created by Navajo weavers in the late 1800s, these pictorial rugs reflect the cultural impacts propelled by trading posts and the building of railroads in the Southwest.
Wednesday, November 25,2009

Boulder County's art scene gets a few facelifts

By Marissa Hermanson
The Foothills are alive with the sound of music — painting and cinema to boot. There is a renaissance in Boulder County, where the cinema, and the performing and visual arts are thriving. But how do we house all these artists in our ever-expanding art scene?
Thursday, November 19,2009

Painter Tony Grant opens his first studio-gallery

By Marissa Hermanson
When you walk into Tony Grant’s gallery, you see colors — so many colors. Sexy reds, soft greens, icy blues and luminous yellows — an alluring spectrum.
Thursday, October 22,2009

Flamenco gaining ground in Boulder

By Marissa Hermanson
The stretching morphs into dancing. The students start with simple, slow footwork and progress into more complex rhythms, adding arms and hands. The dancers' footwork accelerates with the crescendo of the guitar music and the auditorium is filled with the quick clicking of heels and toes, giving the room a pulse.