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Monday, March 7,2011

Snowballing success

Snow Ball Festival in Vail an icy delight

By Jules Kueffer
Boulder Weekly's Jules Kueffer was at the Snow Ball Festival this weekend. Check out the slideshow.
Thursday, February 24,2011

Repurposing meanings

New BMoCA exhibits redefine trash to make art

By Marisa Aragón Ware
Imagine what flesh would look like if it were made from thin layers of wood, or how a wave in a choppy sea would appear if it were frozen into overarching planks. Picture an animate sense of movement emerging from this wooden mass and visualize shifting colors undulating across it.
Monday, January 24,2011

Post-apocalyptic life is a blast in Fallout: New Vegas

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno
Back in 2008, the folks at Bethesda Games released a classic game in Fallout 3. Stranded in the wasteland of a post-apocalyptic America, the player is on a journey to find his father while having to deal with vigilantes and radiation-infected creatures trying to kill him. In Fallout: New Vegas, we return to the same world several years later but with a different story and different cities.
Thursday, January 20,2011

Finding the fun in painting

Sam Jablon’s featureless faces come from a happy place

By Adam Perry
"Brooklyn is a whole different world," Jablon said in a phone conversation from Binghamton just after Christmas. "When I started out at Naropa it was really warm and welcoming and it was easy to set up a life and make friends and meet people. Brooklyn is hard and cold and there's 100,000 people trying to do the exact same thing that you're doing."
Friday, January 14,2011

Boulder Weekly astrologer Rob Brezsny: 'Your sign isn't changing'

Don't worry, you're not an Ophiuchus

By Rob Brezsny
In light of the recent news reports that the sun was now passing through 13 constellations instead of 12, therefore shifting the entire zodiac and the astrological signs of many, we here at Boulder Weekly reached out to our resident astrologer, Rob Brezsny, and asked his opinion.
Thursday, January 13,2011

The joy of circus

Cirque du Soleil’s "Alegrķa" comes to 1stBank Center

By David Accomazzo
Cirque du Soleil is a curious success story in the entertainment business, one that started in Quebec in the early '80s and grew into an international success of epic proportions, propelling the once-maligned circus arts into the same prominent spotlight shared by the world's most famous musical, cinematic and theatrical stars.
Thursday, December 30,2010

A million pictures worth countless words

Photographer Peggy Dyer’s portraits capture the spontaneity of strangers

By Marisa Aragón Ware
"I'd heard this song a thousand times, but when I heard him sing, 'I've seen a million faces and I rocked them all,' this magnificent idea just sort of downloaded into my brain," Dyer says. "I saw these giant collages up on the walls of the Getty and I could just hear my shoes clicking down the marble floors of the museum."
Tuesday, December 28,2010

Fable III is a classic hero story with a twist

By Quibian Salazar-Moreno
The Fable series is a fun one. Created by Peter Molyneaux and the folks at his Lionhead Studios, the stories of the game are the classic hero-type. You start off as an impoverished character just trying to survive until you’re called upon to save the world (or village or town or kingdom, etc.). The Fable games were always backed with a great story and a bunch of ways to customize and mold your character, affecting the environment around you.
Thursday, December 23,2010

Music on canvas

Live-painter Jason García makes art in the moment

By Marisa Aragón Ware
While these days it's a common sight to see an artist onstage with a band, back when Garcia started, the concept was virgin and unexplored. When he was first approached by a San Francisco band in 1998 to paint onstage, he had never heard of anyone doing such a thing.
Thursday, December 9,2010

Performance soul in black and white

Lisa Siciliano’s rock photography on display at annual extravaganza

By Marisa Aragón Ware
"I always felt like this completely creative person that had no outlet," Siciliano says. "I had never even thought of taking photos before. It definitely wasn't my childhood dream; I had never taken a class. It just happened and it changed everything."