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Thursday, November 7,2013

Rapping it up

BMoCA exhibition reframes technology from a feminist view

By Elizabeth Miller
Kelly Monico, Nebraska native though she may be, has always been a fan of rap — old school rap. Then the Metropolitan State University of Denver art professor encountered her first Nicki Minaj video on a student’s blog.
Thursday, September 26,2013

A good dose of art

Longmont artists open their studios to the public at just the right time

By Joel Dyer
The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. — Pablo Picasso.
Thursday, September 19,2013

Mark Rothko: The vanishing figure

Denver Art Museum charts Rothko’s decade-long move from surrealist to modernist master

By Elizabeth Miller
If it is true, as Mark Rothko has said, that art lives in the eye of its viewers, then what comes to life in the Denver Art Museum exhibition of his work is the most formative decade of his life.
Thursday, August 22,2013

Collage, a century later

BMoCA exhibition offers eight different takes on technique

By David Accomazzo
Collage as an art technique and craft might be ubiquitous today, but when Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque first began experimenting with incorporating found materials into their paintings in the early 1900s, it was a radical innovation. Art has never been the same since.
Thursday, August 1,2013

Boulder Tattoo Project: Ink for all

Boulder Tattoo Project seeks to turn locals into a human canvas

By David Accomazzo
Not surprisingly for someone who co-owns and manages a tattoo parlor, Chelsea Pohl of Claw and Talon Tattoo in Boulder has some pretty significant ink running form her left shoulder down to her elbow. But it’s the two tattoos on the back of her ankles, the words “deep” and “roots,” surrounded by dots of different sizes and colors, that connect her to a community on the opposite side of the country.
Thursday, July 18,2013

CU plans to create new, consolidated arts department

By David Accomazzo
The University of Colorado Boulder is moving to combine its three arts departments — Art and Art History; Film Studies; and Theatre and Dance — into a single entity, tentatively known as the Interdepartmental Program in Fine Arts (IPFA).
Thursday, July 11,2013

Celebrated professional tango dancers open Boulder Tango Studio

By Camilla Sterne
To hear a person talk about tango is to witness a blushing love affair. They’ll speak of the heart, of an unspoken connection between partners, of passion; they might even go so far as to call it an addiction. To hear tango dancers describe their art is to be a voyeur of smoldering intimacy, one that is only understood by those who are in on the secret.
Thursday, June 20,2013

What can be done with what we throw away

Nick Cave’s work journeys through our own kitschy past

By Elizabeth Miller
Nick Cave can take a garish ceramic bird, and a kitschy ceramic fruit bowl, and a few strings of plastic beads, and put it all together in a way that makes a stunning, and beautiful, sculpture. There’s no breaking that equation down to make the math work on how ugly adds up to entrancing, but read the answer to the equation and it’s a valuable comment on the often overlooked kitsch in our lives.
Thursday, June 6,2013

Art in a digital world

How Jen Lewin uses technology to inspire connectivity

By Cayte Bosler
Technology in public space often comes as bombardment — advertisements — and can be overwhelming. But media artist Jen Lewin, whose work is intended to inspire experimentation and group collaboration, has charted a different relationship between society and technology.
Thursday, June 6,2013

A local l’chaim

Boulder Jewish Festival returns bigger than in previous years

By Joseph Wirth
Have no fear from a lack of corned beef, beef lovers, because the Boulder Jewish Festival is here on June 9, offering live music, traditional Jewish food and art, and an all-day celebration at the Boulder Courthouse lawn and Pearl Street Mall in honor of the thriving Jewish community in Boulder and the entire city.