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Thursday, December 11,2014

Arts | Week of Dec. 11, 2014

First Glance/Second Look: Quilts from the Denver Art Museum Collection..
Thursday, December 4,2014

Arts | Week of Dec. 4, 2014

ART/TEKNE: Metaphorming Nature: Connecting Human/ Nature’s Creative Potential —.
Thursday, December 4,2014

Fleetwood Kodak

Legendary drummer Mick Fleetwood’s photography hits local gallery

By Amanda Moutinho
Fleetwood’s interest in photography started with his father, who was in the Royal Air Force. As a child, Fleetwood’s family traveled around the world, and he says his father was constantly taking pictures to document their trips. But it wasn’t until Fleetwood Mac started to take off that his interest grew deeper.
Monday, December 1,2014


ART/TEKNE: Metaphorming Nature: Connecting Human/Nature’s Creative Potential —.
Wednesday, November 26,2014

Same language, new story

BMoCA exhibit on Romanian painting a rare look into a dark world

By Elizabeth Miller
Among the anachronisms likely to linger in former Communist-bloc countries, where borders were closed and travel limited for half a century, one might not expect to find figurative painting. But for a
Thursday, November 20,2014

Arts | Week of November 20, 2014

First Glance/Second Look: Quilts from the Denver Art Museum Collection..
Thursday, November 20,2014

Warp and weft

The Handweavers Guild of Boulder celebrates 50 years by building Boulder an electric loom

By Josh Gross
It may have been 20 years ago today that Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play, but it was 50 years ago that the Handweavers Guild of Boulder first met up to combine their handweaving powers. And back then, it was for handweavers only, leaving Boulder’s needlepoint community out in the cold.
Thursday, November 20,2014

A brilliant history

Denver Art Museum exhibition tells the story of the 20th century through jewelry

By Elizabeth Miller
The story of Cartier jewelry is one that’s less about objects and opulence than it is one about wearers and workers — the jewelry makers, that is, and the people who went on to adorn themselves with the pieces made. As much as the Denver Art Museum’s Brilliant: Cartier in the 20th Century.
Thursday, November 13,2014

A glitch is the system

World-renowned audio visual performance artists to take over BMoCA for MediaLive

By Josh Gross
In the art world, the dreaded computer glitch is being harnessed as its own medium, with the flaws, hiccups and imperfections layered atop digital pop culture images for a somewhat Warhol 2.
Thursday, November 6,2014

Arts | Week of November 6, 2014

ART/TEKNE: Part 3 “Metaphorming Nature: Connecting Human/Nature’s Creative Potential” —.