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Thursday, May 17,2012

Astrology | Week of May 17, 2012

By Rob Brezsny
the spell of a bewitching passion that rivets your focus. I disagree with that view. It may be true that you’re better able than the other signs to be objective about your fixations. But that doesn’t necessarily dilute the intensity you feel when they rise up and captivate your imagination with the force of a thousand love songs.
Thursday, May 10,2012

Astrology | Week of May 10, 2012

By Rob Brezsny
According to my understanding of the astrological omens, you have a sacred duty to cultivate more slack as if your dreams depended on it. (They do!).
Thursday, May 3,2012

Astrology | Week of May 3, 2012

By Rob Brezsny
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Thursday, April 26,2012

Astrology | Week of April 26, 2012

By Rob Brezsny
Thursday, April 19,2012

Astrology | Week of April 19, 2012

By Rob Brezsny
I nominate you to start the trend, Virgo. You’re the best choice, since your tribe, of all the signs of the zodiac, will most likely have the wildest rides and most intriguing adventures in the coming weeks..
Thursday, April 12,2012

Astrology | Week of April 12, 2012

By Rob Brezsny
Thursday, April 5,2012

Astrology | Week of April 05, 2012

By Rob Brezsny
Maybe we have more slack in our quest for intimacy if we love but are not obsessed..
Thursday, March 29,2012

Astrology l Week of March 29, 2012

By Rob Brezsny
“Go to the worst crimeinfested place you can find. Go heavily armed, wearing a flak jacket and a Kevlar helmet. Set up shop in a vacant lot. Announce to the residents that you are there to help them, and in the loudest voice possible yell that every Crip and Blood within hearing distance is a PANSY.
Thursday, March 22,2012

Astrology l Week of March 22, 2012

By Rob Brezsny
that you’ve gone a long way toward outgrowing the dark fairy tale that had been haunting your dreams for so long? And yet all this may just be a warm-up for your next metamorphosis, in which you make an audacious new commitment to becoming what you really.
Thursday, March 15,2012

Astrology | Week of March 15, 2012

By Rob Brezsny
March 21-April 19:.