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Thursday, December 29,2011

Astrology | Week of Dec. 29, 2011

By Rob Brezsny
Thursday, December 22,2011

Astrology | Week of Dec. 22, 2011

By Rob Brezsny
In the fictional world of the wizard Harry Potter, muggles are people who have no magical powers. Because of their deficiency, certain sights may be literally invisible to them, and certain places inaccessible. I’m going to boldly predict that you Aries people will lose at least some of your muggleness in the coming year.
Thursday, December 15,2011

Astrology | Week of Dec. 15, 2011

By Rob Brezsny
Jim Moran (1908-1999) called himself a publicist, but I regard him as a pioneer performance artist. At various times in his colorful career, he led a bull through a china shop in New York City, changed horses in midstream in Nevada’s Truckee River, and looked for a needle in a haystack until he found it. You might want to draw inspiration from his work in the coming weeks, Aries. You will not only have a knack for mutating clichés and scrambling conventional wisdom. In doing so, you could also pull off feats that might seem improbable.
Thursday, December 8,2011

Astrology | Week of Dec. 8, 2011

By Rob Brezsny
ARIES March 21-April 19: What’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen in your life? To answer that question is your first assignment. It’s OK if you can’t decide between the three or four most beautiful things. What’s important is to keep visions of those amazements dancing in the back of your mind for the next few days. Play with them in your imagination. Feel the feelings they rouse in you as you muse about the delights they have given you. Regard them as beacons that will attract other ravishing marvels into your sphere. Now here’s your second assignment: Be alert for and go hunting for a new “most beautiful thing.”
Thursday, December 1,2011

Astrology | Week of Dec. 1, 2011

By Rob Brezsny
ARIES March 21-April 19: This would be an excellent week to head down to Pucón, Chile and hire a daredevil to fly you in a helicopter into the caldera of the active Villarrica volcano, whereupon you would bungee-jump out of the copter down to within 700 feet of the molten lava. If that’s too extreme or expensive for your tastes, I urge you to come up with a milder adventure that will still bring you a close encounter with primal heat and light — and maybe even some divine fire.e
Wednesday, November 23,2011

Astrology | Week of Nov. 24, 2011

By Rob Brezsny
doesn’t speak English, he consults a phrase book to find the right words. “My hovercraft is full of eels,” he tells the clerk, who’s not sure what he means. The tourist tries again: “Do you want to come back to my place, bouncy bouncy?” Again, the clerk is confused.
Thursday, November 17,2011

Astrology | Week of Nov. 17, 2011

By Rob Brezsny
ARIES March 21-April 19: If you go into a major art museum that displays Europe’s great oil paintings, you’ll find that virtually every masterpiece is surrounded by an ornate wooden frame, often painted gold. Why? To me, the enclosure is distracting and unnecessary. Why can’t I just enjoy the arresting composition on the naked canvas, unburdened by the overwrought excess? I urge you to take my approach in the coming weeks, Aries. Push and even fight to get the goodies exactly as they are, free of all the irrelevant filler, extraneous buffers, and pretentious puffery.
Wednesday, November 9,2011

Astrology | Week of Nov. 10, 2011

By Rob Brezsny
Are you game? There is a hypothetical scene described by the English poet Samuel Coleridge (1772-1834) that would normally be too outlandish to take seriously, but I suspect it’s a possible match for your upcoming adventures.
Thursday, November 3,2011

Astrology | Week of Nov. 3, 2011

By Rob Brezsny
close proximity with a financial opportunity, a pretty good helper, or a resource that could subtly boost your stability over the long haul. For best results, don’t invoke your mild blessings to assist in trivial matters like finding parking places or avoiding long lines at checkout lines.
Thursday, October 27,2011

Astrology | Week of Oct. 27, 2011

By Rob Brezsny
“Life is not just a diurnal property of large interesting vertebrates,” poet Gary Snyder reminds us in his book The Practice of the Wild. “It is also nocturnal, anaerobic, microscopic, digestive, fermentative: cooking away in the warm dark.” I call this to your attention, Aries, because according to my astrological reckoning, you’d be wise to honor all the life that is cooking away in the warm dark. It’s the sun-at-midnight time of your long-term cycle; the phase when your luminescent soul throbs with more vitality than your shiny ego. Celebrate the unseen powers that sustain the world. Pay reverence to what’s underneath, elusive, and uncanny. Halloween costume tips: Draw inspiration from the shadow, the dream, the moon, the depths.