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Thursday, February 28,2013

Astrology | Week of February 27, 2013

By Rob Brezsny
At least once a day, a cell in your body mutates in a way that makes it potentially cancerous. Just as often, your immune system hunts down that dangerous cell and kills it, preserving your health. Do you understand how amazing this is?
Thursday, February 21,2013

Astrology | Week of February 21, 2013

By Rob Brezsny
The word “chain” may refer to something that confines or restricts. But it can also mean a series of people who are linked together because of their common interests and their desire to create strength through unity.
Thursday, February 14,2013

Astrology | Week of February 14, 2013

By Rob Brezsny
“Sex is a substitute for God,” says writer Cathryn Michon. “When we desire another human being sexually, we are really only trying to fill our longing for ecstasy and union with the infinite.”
Thursday, February 7,2013

Astrology | Week of February 7, 2013

By Rob Brezsny
While trekking up Mount Katahdin in Maine, naturalist Henry David Thoreau had a “mountain-top experience” that moved him to observe, “I stand in awe of my body.” You’re due for a similar splash of illumination, Scorpio.
Thursday, January 31,2013

Astrology | Week of January 31, 2013

By Rob Brezsny
GEMINI MAY 21-JUNE 20: It’s the First Annual Blemish Appreciation Week — for Geminis only.
Thursday, January 24,2013

Astrology | Week of January 24, 2013

By Rob Brezsny
My general philosophy is that everyone on the planet, including me, is a jerk now and then. In fact, I’m suspicious of those who are apparently so unfailingly well-behaved that they never act like jerks.
Thursday, January 17,2013

Astrology | Week of January 17, 2013

By Rob Brezsny
Do you know what a “binky” is? It’s what a rabbit does when it gets so crazily happy that it exuberantly leaps up into the air, stretching and twisting its body as it flicks and flops its feet. I’m not sure if lexicographers would allow us to apply this term to humans.
Thursday, January 10,2013

Astrology | Week of January 10, 2013

By Rob Brezsny
There’s a spot in the country of Panama where you can watch the sun rise in the east over the Pacific Ocean. In another Panamanian location, you can see the sun set in the west over the Atlantic Ocean. Nothing weird is involved. Nothing twisted or unearthly. It’s simply a quirk of geography.
Thursday, January 3,2013

Astrology | Week of January 3, 2013

By Rob Brezsny
“In this world,” said Oscar Wilde, “there are only two tragedies. One is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it.”
Thursday, December 27,2012

Astrology | Week of December 27, 2012

By Rob Brezsny
For years, the gravestone of Irish dramatist Oscar Wilde was covered with kiss-shaped lipstick marks that were left by his admirers. Unfortunately, Wilde’s descendants decided to scour away all those blessings and erect a glass wall around the tomb to prevent further displays of affection.