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Thursday, December 20,2012

Astrology | Week of December 20, 2012

By Rob Brezsny
Isaac Newton is regarded as one of the most influential scientists in history. But the time he spent as a member of the English Parliament was undistinguished.
Thursday, December 13,2012

Astrology | Week of December 13, 2012

By Rob Brezsny
Can you manage to be both highly alert and deeply relaxed? Could you be wildly curious and yet also serenely reflective?
Thursday, December 6,2012

Astrology | Week of December 6

By Rob Brezsny
Your word of power will be succulence. For best results, I suggest you take active control of the unfolding adventures.
Thursday, November 29,2012

Astrology | Week of November 29, 2012

By Rob Brezsny
In our calendar, there is no special holiday devoted to honoring the joy and power of rebellion. This oversight confounds me.
Wednesday, November 21,2012

Astrology | Week of November 22, 2012

By Rob Brezsny
“The fates guide him who will; him who won’t, they drag.” So said the ancient Greek philosopher Seneca, and now I’m passing it on to you.
Thursday, November 15,2012

Astrology | Week of November 15, 2012

By Rob Brezsny
James Joyce was a great novelist but not much of a fighter. He picked a more imposing and athletic buddy to go drinking with, though: Ernest Hemingway.
Thursday, November 8,2012

Astrology | Week of November 8, 2012

By Rob Brezsny
The data that’s stored and disseminated on the Internet is unimaginably voluminous. And yet the 540 billion trillion electrons that carry all this information weigh about the same as a strawberry. I’d like to use this fun fact as a metaphor for the work you’re doing these days — and the play, too.
Thursday, November 1,2012

Astrology | Week of November 1

By Rob Brezsny
Big opportunities are coming up for you. Even if you cash in on them, though, they aren’t likely to make an immediate practical impact.
Thursday, October 25,2012

Astrology | Week of October 25

By Rob Brezsny
ARIES MARCH 21-APRIL 19: In the coming days, many of your important tasks will be best accomplished through caginess and craftiness.
Thursday, October 18,2012

Astrology | Week of October 18

By Rob Brezsny
When Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro laid waste to Peru in 1532, his soldiers found green stones on the land. Were they emeralds?