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Thursday, July 5,2012

Astrology | Week of July 5, 2012

By Rob Brezsny
the family values crowd in Texas, which thinks it’s wrong to teach adolescents about birth control even though this has led to a high rate of teen pregnancies.
Thursday, June 28,2012

Astrology | Week of June 28, 2012

By Rob Brezsny
Taking long walks alone could lead to useful surprises, and so would crafting a new declaration of independence for yourself. It’ll also be an excellent time to expand your skills at giving yourself pleasure. Please understand that I’m not advising you to be isolated and lonely.
Thursday, June 21,2012

Astrology | Week of June 21, 2012

By Rob Brezsny
Swans, geese, and ducks molt all their flight feathers at once, which means they may be unable to fly for several weeks afterwards. We humans don’t do anything like that in a literal way, but we have a psychological analog: times when we shed outworn selfimages. I suspect you’re coming up on such a transition, Aries. While you’re going through it, you may want to lie low. Anything resembling flight — launching new ventures, making big decisions, embarking on great adventures — should probably be postponed until the metamorphosis is complete and your feathers grow back.
Thursday, June 14,2012


By Rob Brezsny
ARIES MARCH 21-APRIL 19: It’s time for your right hand to find out what your left hand has been doing lately, and vice versa. They’ve been attending to their separate agendas for a while, and now it would be wise to have them work together more closely. As they get reacquainted, a bit of friction would be understandable. You may have to serve as a mediator. Try to get them to play nicely with each other for a while before jumping in to the negotiations about how best they can cooperate in the future. And be very firm with them: no slapping or fighting allowed.
Thursday, June 7,2012

Astrology | Week of June 7, 2012

By Rob Brezsny
Thursday, May 31,2012

Astrology | Week of May 31, 2012

By Rob Brezsny
“Let’s waltz the rumba,” said jazz musician Fats Waller, suggesting the seemingly impossible mix of two very different types of dancing. That’s an excellent clue for you to follow up on, Aries. I suspect that in the coming week you will have an unusual aptitude for hybridization. You could do folk dancing and hip-hop moves simultaneously. It will make sense for you to do the cha-cha as you disco and vice versa. You’ll have a knack for bringing the spirit of belly dance into the tango, and for breakdancing while you do the hokey-pokey.
Thursday, May 24,2012

Astrology | Week of May 24, 2012

By Rob Brezsny
“My soul is a fire that suffers if it doesn’t burn,” says Jean Prevost, a writer and hero of the French Resistance during World War II. “I need three or four cubic feet of new ideas every day, as a steamboat needs coal.” Your soul may not be quite as blazing as his, Aries, and you may normally be able to get along fine with just a few cubic inches of new ideas per day. But I expect that in the next three to four weeks, you will both need and yearn to generate Prevost-type levels of heat and light. Please make sure you’re getting a steady supply of the necessary fuel.
Thursday, May 17,2012

Astrology | Week of May 17, 2012

By Rob Brezsny
the spell of a bewitching passion that rivets your focus. I disagree with that view. It may be true that you’re better able than the other signs to be objective about your fixations. But that doesn’t necessarily dilute the intensity you feel when they rise up and captivate your imagination with the force of a thousand love songs.
Thursday, May 10,2012

Astrology | Week of May 10, 2012

By Rob Brezsny
According to my understanding of the astrological omens, you have a sacred duty to cultivate more slack as if your dreams depended on it. (They do!).
Thursday, May 3,2012

Astrology | Week of May 3, 2012

By Rob Brezsny
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