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Thursday, September 3,2015

Beg, borrow and steal

How and how not to bargain at the farmers’ market

By Ari LeVaux
It’s good to be able to drive a hard bargain; when buying a used snowboard on Ebay, for example, or attempting to stay out of a corrupt policeman’s car in some foreign city, with only $50 in your pocket. On such occasions, one should negotiate with all of the cunning one can muster.
Thursday, August 27,2015

All roads lead to Scotch

No matter what you drink now, you too can be a single malt whisky drinker, friend

By Matt Cortina
About eight months ago I made a New Year’s resolution to “get into” Scotch. Scotch, or “single malt whisky,” as I’ve since been corrected numerous times like some dumb alcoholic child, had never made it into my drinking portfolio, even though I love...
Thursday, August 20,2015


How locavores will destroy the world

By Ari LeVaux
In the last 20 years, the amount of local foods consumed in the American diet has tripled, according to USDA, and now comprises two percent of food consumed in the U.S. As with anything that’s popular, some have seen fit to tear it down. Why do they do this? Do they find the locavores to be annoying, or do they seriously believe, as many argue, that local food enthusiasts pose a threat to the planet?
Thursday, August 13,2015

Making a beer run

Shoes and Brews in Longmont brings running and craft beer together

By Grace Boyle
Cheers and clapping come from the road as two eager runners take off in a sprint in the 800-meter road challenge for Shoes and Brews in Longmont. As the two runners loop back and head to the finish line, with Longs Peak looming behind them, owners, bystanders and shoe shoppers are whistling and counting down their time, urging them to the finish line.
Thursday, August 6,2015

Superfood does a body good… or does it?

A look at the dark alter egos of superfoods

By Renee Moen
Superfood; the term is thrown about with such abandon it seems to have lost most of its influence. Yesterday’s must-have health consumable is today’s discount fodder. Foods that have been dubbed as superfoods are equated with health and well-being, but is it possible to get too much of a good thing?.
Thursday, July 30,2015

The ‘it’ crop

Cauliflower is booming in Boulder County and beyond

By Noel Phillips
Growing up, outside of being the ugly, bad-tasting vegetable no one wanted on the veggie platter at parties — the one even ranch dressing couldn’t help — cauliflower was rarely seen at my house, but for one exception: fried cauliflower. In my current commitment to healthy, conscious eating and living, I cringe at the memory, but the smell of frying cauliflower remains a vivid part of my childhood. I can still hear the Fry Daddy bubbling and churning like a witches’ cauldron as my step-father dropped battered cauliflower florets into the waiting hot oil like tiny virgins being sacrificed to our appetites.
Thursday, July 23,2015

Celebrate food times, come on

There exists an entire holiday for your favorite food

By Renee Moen
George Bernard Shaw once said, “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” No truer words were ever spoken. Food is needed to keep humans moving, functioning. Food may also be craved, savored and enjoyed. Americans love their food. From cooking contests to eating contests, there is no end to talking, reading or discussing food options. There are days, weeks and months devoted to specific food items.
Thursday, July 16,2015

Ocean Green

Seaweed is not just for sushi anymore

By Noel Phillips
There’s a new vegetable on the menu. Long found only in Asian, especially Japanese, cuisine, sea vegetables are experiencing an increased popularity in the Western diet.
Thursday, July 9,2015

A spot on the shelf

The competitive craft brewing scene in Colorado prepares for more challenges

By Tiffany Lutke
Colorado craft-beer drinkers have choices. Our local liquor store shelves are lined with craft offerings, and we’re likely to live within a few miles of a local brewery. As the Colorado craft-beer culture continues to thrive, like any booming industry, issues can arise.
Thursday, July 2,2015

Big Food’s profit process

How the top food producers influence nutrition research

By Ari LeVaux
According to a new report, many scientific studies about nutrition, as well as the trusted experts who disseminate this information to the public, are being funded by the very entities that should be scrutinized. The report, “Nutrition Scientists on the Take from Big Food,” details the ways that the world’s largest food corporations (aka “Big Food”) exert their influence on nutrition research and the people who conduct it. The report’s author, attorney and food advocate Michele Simon, has previously studied the influence of Big Food on the nation’s largest organization of Registered Dietitians (RD). Together, these reports paint a disturbing picture of how food corporations collude to manipulate how information on nutrition is researched and disseminated. The coyote isn’t just guarding the chicken coop here; it built the thing, and is holding onto the key.