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Thursday, December 5,2013

That local spirit

Bitters are both modern and a throwback

By Christine Vazquez
Artisan craft bitters sweeten up the local cocktail scene.
Wednesday, November 27,2013

Boulder restaurants: Old dogs, new tricks

National attention and a changing local scene force Boulder’s famous bars to stay on top of the game

By Michael Krumholtz
Here at The Sink, local and national crowds gather within the recognizable walls that have sheltered everyone from the once-a-week regular to the president of the United States. Now celebrating its 90th year of service, food and drink endures in evolving ways to keep relevant and exceed near-mythological expectations.
Thursday, November 21,2013

Off the beat-en path

In wake of Espresso Roma’s closure, Boulder’s Bohemians explore new spots

By Ali Tadayon
Coffee houses in the 1950s and ’60s didn’t resemble the ones that exist today. People’s faces weren’t hidden behind laptops and you probably couldn’t order a $5 latte.
Thursday, November 14,2013

Season for seasoning

Spices take center stage as weather turns cold

By Christine Vazquez
When we say we want to “spice it up,” whether that’s our career, our marriage or our food, it means that we want to make it better, more interesting, more exciting.
Thursday, November 7,2013

Drunk and hungry

Harm reduction approach to alcohol overconsumption focuses on minimizing risk of alcohol abuse, one slice of pizza at a time

By Ali Tadayon
As waves of cloudy-eyed CU students ascended the stairs from the University of Colorado Boulder campus to the front of the Colorado Book Store on Halloween, they were met by a group of individuals, some in suits and some in costumes, serving 10 pizzas from The Sink, two large party subs from Cheba Hut and four cases of bottled water.
Thursday, October 31,2013

A perfect match

Beer pairings continue their takeover of the town

By Michael Krumholtz
Boulder’s brewpubs — where outside the mountains’ snowy tips mirror the foam-headed pints lining the bar — are out to prove that beer and food are one and the same.
Thursday, October 24,2013

Artificial flavoring

Meat grown in vats is getting closer, and that’s a good thing

By Andrew Potter
It’s getting increasingly hard to find anything good to say about meat. It is expensive, swallowing huge tracts of land and tons of grain. It has a large carbon footprint. Finally, industrial meat production is hard on the animals, even before they’re slaughtered.
Thursday, October 17,2013

Great American Beer Festival: Counting up the medal haul

Left Hand earns three golds as GABF smiles on Colorado

By Steve Weishampel
Is bigger better? This year’s Great American Beer Festival didn’t provide a clear answer.
Thursday, October 10,2013

New looks for fall

Remodeled, re-established or just plain new, three Boulder restaurants bring excitement to dining landscape

By Michael Krumholtz
Nelson Kugel, owner of the Gondolier, unrolls a blueprint under the hanging halogen lights in his restaurant’s new location at the Meadows Shopping Center. His finger hovers just above the diagram before he points out where the full-service bar, the private dining room and the adjacent booths will fit amid the bare concrete of the now-skeletal space.
Thursday, October 3,2013

Back on the market

After the flood, farmers and customers breathe life into community events

By Steve Weishampel and Ali Tadayon
Federal law lays it all out: If the edible portion of a crop directly touched floodwater, it’s “adulterated” and should not enter human food channels.