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Thursday, February 21,2013

The transformative potential of travel and food

A woman’s passion for traversing cultures

By Cayte Bosler
Somewhere in an old suitcase, Peggy Markel has a photograph of her father as a young man in the military, breaking bread with Gypsy (also known as Roma) children in Florence, Italy. For her, this image captures what she values about her relationship to food: kinship, adventure and unexpected good stories.
Thursday, February 14,2013

Going mobile

Longmont startup takes beer canning on the road

By Steve Weishampel
As craft brewing explodes, businesses along the fringes of the industry — from hop farmers to distributors to liquor stores — are booming as well. And, as with the beer itself, Boulder County is taking the lead.
Thursday, February 7,2013

Boulder County AIDS Project gets boost from drag queen bingo

By Abby Faires
Before bingo started, the drag queen on the microphone was ready to caution the crowd about safe sex. But the woman seated front and center with a toddler — who she had brought to a drag queen bingo fundraiser for the Boulder County AIDS Project — was having none of it.
Thursday, January 31,2013

Five Points rides independent shops to resurgence

Craft shops bolster historic Denver district

By Cayte Bosler
When Robbie Stout and Anna Davis crammed into an overflowing elevator on their way to a Jan. 18 awards ceremony, they could hardly believe their company. Among the nation’s most recognized chocolate brand owners, Stout and Davis and their company, Ritual Chocolate, were about to be announced a Good Food Awards winner.
Thursday, January 24,2013

In the heartland of homebrewing

Boulder craft breweries foster beer-geek culture

By Abby Faires
For Boulder craft brewers, business is booming. But it’s not just beer drinkers to whom local brewers attribute much of their success; it’s also Boulder’s deep-rooted homebrewing community.
Thursday, January 17,2013

Decode your food cues

By Sandra Gordon
What hidden meal messages are you expressing that your child is eating up? Here’s food for thought. Maybe some of these common refrains sound familiar.
Thursday, January 3,2013

Natural/organic grocer finally sprouts in Longmont

By Jefferson Dodge
It’s been a long time coming, but Longmont finally has its own large-scale natural/organic grocer.
Thursday, December 27,2012

Sunny days ahead

Mountain Sun intends to open new restaurant by early 2013

By Steve Weishampel
In winter’s darkest hour, a new Sun will rise. OK, that’s a little dramatic.
Thursday, December 20,2012

From board to bread

Former carpenter turned to his culinary roots for Longmont restaurant

By Jefferson Dodge
Art Maestas has the hands of a carpenter. But it’s the warm welcome in his eyes and smile that are most striking when you walk into his Longmont restaurant, the Santa Fe Coffee & Burrito Company.
Thursday, December 13,2012

Where are Boulder’s 24-hour eats?

By Alyssa Hurst
It’s 3 a.m., studying isn’t going well, and your eyes are starting to feel heavy. If you could just find a nearby place to grab a snack, drink some late-night caffeine and focus, all would not be lost. Unfortunately, you live in Boulder and the pickings are incredibly slim.