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Thursday, April 14,2011

Making room for mobile food trucks

By Chelsea Long
'We've been asking the city to allow us to operate, and to let us make friends instead of enemies,' Rossello says. 'I can speak for myself, and a few other food truck owners, and say that I don't want to put my Mexicanfood truck in front of a Mexican restaurant.'
Thursday, April 7,2011

Oak at Fourteenth keeps busy after fire

By Kaely Moore
Oak had only opened about four months prior. Redzikowski and his partners, Bryan Dayton and Annie Polk, worked on a large part of the development of the restaurant themselves. He had been looking forward to preparing a whole fresh pig that had come in that morning for a pig roast the following weekend.
Thursday, March 31,2011

A conscientious approach to coffee

By Chelsea Long
A certified organic and fair-trade roaster, Conscious Coffees has been providing coffee to Boulder companies for 15 years. Their single-origin coffees can be found at The Cup, Folsom Street Coffee House, Whole Foods, The Kitchen and Arugula, among others.
Thursday, March 24,2011

Tricks for getting the most nutrients out of your food

By Julie Deardorff
The way you prepare your food can be just as important as what food you eat. Is there any point in eating broccoli, for example, if you cook the life out of its natural carcinogen killers? On the other hand, some foods, such as tomatoes, may offer more benefits when they’re cooked. Fortunately, nutrition experts know a few tricks to help you get the most nutrients out of your food.
Thursday, March 17,2011

Frozen yogurt trend descends on Boulder

By Kaely Moore
Ripple isn't the first of its kind, and it won't be the last in Boulder. In a trend that seems to be sweeping in from the West Coast, self-serve frozen yogurt joints are gradually popping up around the city.
Thursday, March 10,2011

Locals explore adventures in eating

By Chelsea Long
The founder and organizer of the Denver Adventurous Eaters Club, Emanuel sets up dinners with restaurants and chefs who aren't afraid to eat anything. Their last dinner, at the Sons of Norway Lodge in Denver, was an experience with lutefisk, cod that's cured in lye (the main ingredient in soap) for a few months, until it's got the texture of jelly.
Thursday, March 3,2011

What's the beef?

By Kaely Moore
Paul Gingerich, meat and seafood director for the Boulder Alfalfa's Market due to open in April, compares the flavor contrasts of grass-fed beef to those of wine. The taste can vary depending on several factors, such as the location of the pasture and the time of year.
Thursday, February 24,2011

Flagstaff adopts iPads for wine list

By Chelsea Long
The system allows customers to search by price, region and variety among the several thousand wines offered by Flagstaff House, a function that was impossible with a paper list. 'It's so hard to search in a paper list like that. How could you see all the cabernets in the world at once?' Monette asks.
Thursday, February 17,2011

End of an era

Juanita’s closing is part of Boulder’s evolving culinary identity

By Kaely Moore
According to current general manager Ed Bigg, the restaurant was busy from the get-go. Boulderites latched on to the casual style of the little Mexican joint, sipping margaritas in the Red Room lounge and digging into a wide selection of TexMex specialties.
Thursday, February 10,2011

A flash in the pan

Local chef to host Valentine’s ‘pop-up dinner’ to benefit cancer nonprofit

By Chelsea Long
'The super hardcore ones, they won't tell you where it's at beforehand, because it's in a place that's not OK,' says Casey Easton, founder of Simple Spoon catering. 'Like, in the middle of Pearl Street and be like, boom! Here's a dinner. But there you'd probably get about two minutes into appetizers before you got shut down.