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Thursday, May 17,2012

Imported food raises safety questions

When it comes to food, imported is in.

By Harriet Weinstein
“We’ve all noticed asparagus and pineapples in December in the supermarkets,” says Chris Waldrop, director of the Food Policy Institute of the Consumer Federation of America (CFA). A visit to supermarkets finds frozen vegetables from across the globe, including Canada, China, Egypt, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Poland.
Thursday, May 10,2012

Restaurants rise from the ashes

By Hadley Vandiver
Boulder was voted “foodiest town in America” by Bon Appétit in 2010, so it is hardly a surprise that the local food business is competitive. Only the toughest survive.
Thursday, May 3,2012

The latest trend among chefs: tattoos

By Jessica Gelt
Michael Voltaggio has no idea how many tattoos he has. The question makes him laugh. The wise-cracking 33-year-old chef is pretty well covered. The name of his restaurant, after all, is Ink.
Thursday, April 26,2012

Dreams of free meals

Boulder’s food bloggers post for passion, not profit

By Steve Weishampel
It isn’t tough to spot the food writers at Brasserie Ten Ten on a sunny Sunday. Buddy Thomas’ professional Nikon sits on the table, ready to snap oysters, mussels and whatever brunch is going to be. And Thomas and fellow blogger Paul McCullough both sport homemade T-shirts with BoulderFoodBlog.
Thursday, April 19,2012

Eat, drink, shop, walk: Taste of Pearl

By Hadley Vandiver
The point of Taste of Pearl, which will be held for the third time this Sunday, April 22, is to draw people out for an exploration of the many offerings of Pearl Street. They might just discover something new.
Thursday, April 12,2012

Sweet or savory? Rhubarb offers endless possibilities

By Kim Ode
I should have known better. My cousin’s seemingly casual invitation was too intent on success, the gleam in her eye a bit too bright. “Take a bite,” she said, holding out the stalk of rhubarb.
Thursday, April 5,2012

Take it to the tap

By Steve Weishampel
It’s the summer of homebrewers. Or, more accurately, it’s the summer they’re stepping out. Starting in about a week, when BRU Beer will open its first taps, three new breweries will emerge in Boulder County’s already busy beer scene.
Thursday, March 29,2012

Dressing up your drinks for spring

By Adrienne Saia Isaac
Trying to eat better this spring? Or at least trying to look better when you bust out the shorts and swimsuits this summer? Boulder Weekly sat down with James Lee, owner/partner of Blackbelly Catering and The Bitter Bar to discuss his favorite seasonal drinks and ways to tailor them for the health-conscious.
Thursday, March 22,2012


Local startups include chocolatiers

By Hadley Vandiver
In recent years, Boulder has become a haven for startup companies and locally crafted products. One typically mass-produced item, chocolate, has blossomed in Boulder’s local craft market.
Thursday, March 15,2012

Little restaurants that could

Small establishments hold their own against the giants

By Blair Madole
In a foodie town with freight engines like Frasca, Centro and The Kitchen, it is easy to get overshadowed. Yet with optimism, family support and fresh, authentic food, restaurants like Il Pastaio and Arabesque exemplify the little engine that could.