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Thursday, September 15,2011

Serving a piece of love through chocolate

By Christie Sounart
For most people, this passion can resonate very closely to their personal list of favorites, but she has taken it a step further and has made chocolate her career. On March 15, she opened her own eclectic chocolate shop on the west end of Pearl Street.
Thursday, September 8,2011

Kitchen prodigy

Local teen hopes to become the next Thomas Keller

By Blair Madole
Aaron Kirschner’s current dessert on the Black Cat menu is a beautifully plated dish of rose-scented peaches, peach granita, thyme syrup, peach powder and vanilla mascarpone mousse. Aaron is 14 years old. He began his foray into the world of food two years ago when he discovered the Food Channel.
Thursday, September 1,2011

Unemployed Georgia boys turn to BBQ

By Christie Sounart
Delicious barbecue that holds true to its deep Southern roots — while also catering to the environmentally conscious masses — can be a difficult find in Boulder County, but Matt Alexander and Nick Reckinger are facing the challenge head-on.
Thursday, August 25,2011

CU dining services constrained from going local

By Blair Madole
Dining services at the University of Colorado Boulder is attempting to increase the percentage of local food served in on-campus dining halls. However, the rules and regulations involved in the process are hindering localization efforts.
Thursday, August 18,2011

A long-awaited cure for cheese cravings

By Blair Madole
Boulder's craving for a cheese shop will finally be satisfied on Saturday, Aug. 20, with the opening of Cured at 19th and Pearl streets.
Thursday, August 11,2011

Will ride for food

EAT LOCAL! Week features cycling tours at farms

By Clay Fong
"Riding along the Cevennes mountain road, you can hear the gurgling boiling of Laguiole vegetables,” penned French cyclist Paul Fournel on the promise of enjoying a meal of local produce after a bike ride. “Around Beauzac, where the road goes above the Valley of the Loire, you can already smell the green lentils of Puy, done in Tournaire style.” While Fournel refers to the European countryside, local cyclists will have an opportunity to mirror his experiences closer to home, through the upcoming Tour de Farms rides.
Thursday, August 4,2011

Alfalfa's takes coffee to a new level

By Carah Wertheimer
Chatting with Alfalfa’s Christina Thompson, one imagines that coffee runs through her veins: freshly brewed fair trade, single-origin, micro-roasted coffee, the kind that infuses her work and life with boundless enthusiasm. Thompson has decided to marry her lifelong passion (she had six to 12 espresso shots daily in high school) and her 10 years of professional coffee experience with Alfalfa’s values-driven culture.
Thursday, July 28,2011

Snack bar with Boulder ties benefits malnourished

By Sarah Simmons
Soon to be situated among the various granola and protein-rich bars already on the shelves at the Boulder Whole Foods locations will be a new bar with a mission: To help end the malnutrition of thousands of children in Africa. The newest addition is from Two Degrees, a company based out of San Francisco that launched in January and has promised a one-for-one business philosophy with its sales.
Thursday, July 21,2011

A date with Dessert Diva

Danette Randall talks sweet to Boulder Weekly

By Sarah Simmons
Even surrounded by all the activity inside the CW2 studio early on a Monday morning, Dessert Diva Danette Randall finds peace doing what she loves: baking. With the morning news segment taping live, Randall works in a darkened corner of the studio on a rolling kitchen preparation table separating her ingredients for her 8:35 a.m. segment. After a five-minute warning, her table is rolled to her segment space and she checks her lipstick one last time.
Thursday, July 14,2011

County's food truck trend rolls on

By Mindy Rappoport
Every Monday at 8:30 a.m., Shannon Aten hits the streets with a food truck chock full of cupcakes, cookies, cinnamon rolls and croissants to sell to hungry customers.