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Thursday, June 30,2011

Local favorite fixin's for the Fourth

By Mindy Rappoport
Fire up the barbecue and pull out your mother’s famous potato salad recipe, because the Fourth of July is right around the corner. But as you plan out your menu for the Fourth, Hosea Rosenberg, chef and owner of Bacon, Inc., a catering and consulting service, says to keep things simple.
Thursday, June 23,2011

Boulder County's booming brewery business

By Sarah Simmons
Herz says the future may look bright for small breweries in the U.S., but their respective regional markets will determine their success. In Boulder's case, the market is thriving, and some breweries are experiencing the fastest periods of growth they have seen to date.
Thursday, June 16,2011

Don't toss those scraps in the trash

By Mindy Rappoport
You just finished eating dinner and now you're about to throw watermelon rinds, lettuce and a coffee filter into the garbage. But wait! There are critters that will feast off those kitchen scraps. They live in your food, gut and your backyard - that is, if you have a compost pile.
Thursday, June 9,2011

Boulder gets fresh take on vending

By Sarah Simmons
While the ease and convenience of these traditional vending machines is what many find so tempting, not to mention the landscape of sugary treats, a niche has recently emerged in the snacking world - one that provides natural and organic snacks in vending machines.
Thursday, June 2,2011

The Colorado winemaker that almost wasn't

By Dana Palmie
It is hard to believe that a Boulder Master Sommelier, author of a scratch-and-sniff guide to vino and founder of three game-changing wine labels as well as a mescal company, would be a practicing environmental lawyer today if not for one fateful glass of wine, but such is the story of Richard Betts.
Thursday, May 26,2011

Celebrity chefs prove kids can eat their veggies

By P.J. Nutting
The Pick Chow! Across America event, hosted by the award-winning kids nutrition website ZisBoomBah.com, will encourage kids to make their own choices heard in the kitchen.
Thursday, May 19,2011

Boulder celebrates American Craft Beer Week

Local breweries and restaurants hold special events

By Sara Kassabian
'With the excitement around craft beer, Boulder is very proud of the local breweries and the success that they've had, just being the producer of a product the people really love and enjoy,' says Andy Sparhawk of the Brewers Association. 'This week is a just a great way to recognize that and celebrate that.'
Thursday, May 12,2011

Italian nonnas' secret to cooking

By Renee Enna
'The generation that I was dealing with had endured a lot of poverty ... and two world wars,' Theroux said. 'So much of what these women do is nurture and love, but there also is that depth of coming through hard times. I wasn't expecting to find that, but I think it added to the richness of the experience.
Thursday, May 5,2011

A destination for mom's chocolate

By Jefferson Dodge
He and his business partner, Jennifer Spielman, met while working together at the National Center for Voice and Speech in Denver. They soon realized they shared a passion for cooking, and spent a couple of years experimenting with their creations before launching Black Star.
Thursday, April 28,2011

Ordering your food online in Boulder

By Trae Lewis
'I had some family friends who were running a similar website at Penn State called lionmenus.com,' he says. 'I thought they were doing a very good job, and I like their website design. However, I thought they lacked presence on campus, so I started Hungrybuffs.com'