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Thursday, April 16,2015

Colossal pairings

BruFrou brings culinary and brewing titans together

By Kristen Kuchar
Colorado’s culinary world will collide with the craft beer scene at the second annual BruFrou, a celebration of beer and food pairings. On Saturday, April 25, 80 Colorado brewers and chefs, including many from Boulder County, will team up to create 50 unique pairings to elevate the experience of both the dish and the accompanying brew.
Thursday, April 9,2015

A street smart chicken

Why one breed rises above the rest for backyard coops

By Ari LeVaux
There are many ways that a hen can die. If you raise them long enough, you’ll see your share. I’ve been keeping hens since before it was even legal in my hometown, since before anyone in Brooklyn or Portland had even heard of a chicken. Along the way, in both the city and the country, I’ve seen hens meet all manner of early demise.
Thursday, April 2,2015

Brewing something special

FATE Brewing participates in International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day

By Kristen Kuchar
A growing number of female brewers in Colorado and nationwide has shifted the dynamics of the industry. The start of a better gender balance in brewing has brought fresh ideas, fresh flavors and fresh celebrations. One such celebration was the International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day, which took place worldwide on March 8. The annual event celebrated women uniting in the beer industry.
Thursday, March 26,2015

Go Fish

How seafood gets from one side of the world to Boulder County

By Matt Cortina
At the recent High West Oyster Fest, Chef Dave Query, owner of Big Red F restaurants, and Paul Packer, president of Northeast Seafood, one of the biggest seafood suppliers in the state, are standing around backstage and talking about seafood.
Thursday, March 19,2015

Future food

CSU marries technology and agriculture at innovation summit

By Matt Cortina
The Front Range is poised to change how the world eats. That’s the message at the first ever “Advancing the Agriculture Economy Through Innovation” Summit at Colorado State University. Over the course of three days, March 18-20, Colorado farmers, entrepreneurs, experts, industry members and more discussed cutting edge topics related to agriculture in a series of panels and lectures. The topics ranged from dealing with water shortages to financing agricultural entrepreneurs to passing a collective $1 trillion and entrenched agricultural knowledge from the current generation of farmers to a new one.
Thursday, March 12,2015

The continuing adventures of Hosea Rosenberg

Catching up with one of Boulder’s favorite chefs

By Hudson Lindenberger
Hosea Rosenberg is a gypsy. Not one that moves from town to town hanging his shingle out for a season until moving on. No, his journey is a more personal one of selfreinvention where he is continually pushing his culinary boundaries in different directions. Some succeed, some fail, but the lessons learned stay with him. And it all is on display at his newest endeavor Blackbelly Market.
Thursday, March 5,2015

Artifical colors: Not so sweet

Some in the food industry are pushing to completely eradicate coloring additives

By Ari LeVaux
Nestlť recently announced plans to remove all artificial colors and flavors from its candy bars. The company said it was doing so in response to consumer preferences, not because there was anything dangerous about the artificial products they were using.
Thursday, February 26,2015

Quality versus quantity

What Boulder County chefs and farmers say about sourcing food locally and nationally

By Wyatt Carlson
When we talk about farm-to-table in our Boulder County grocery stores and restaurants, we can sometimes take it for granted. The trend is national now. We expect a certain quality, but we forget that those same establishments need quantity in order to stay in business. While local farms provide the quality, generally speaking, the larger farms provide the quantity necessary to fill menus and grocery aisles. It means chefs and farmers (and Boulder County consumers) need to be flexible, but it’s interesting to hear what people in the industry have to say about why when we look at small versus large farms. It is always a matter of quality versus quantity.
Thursday, February 19,2015

Out of the backwoods

Modern moonshiners share their thoughts on the craft

By Cody Gabbard
If one were asked to describe what they think of as a moonshiner, the image that comes to mind is typically of a toothless, overall-wearing hillbilly, with a hard, southern drawl often accompanied with subtitles on the Discovery Channel and a middle-finger attitude when it comes to the law.
Thursday, February 12,2015


The power (or not) of aphrodisiacs

By Matt Cortina
Food and sex. That’ll do it for this week’s cuisine section boys, wrap it up! No, but it feels silly to talk about the two as if there needs to be analysis. Like a good meal or a good roll in the hay, vainly parsing the particulars only takes away from the alchemy that makes those things great. Food and sex are linked in our biology, our chemistry and our society. They are, in short, fundamental and wonderful.